24 January 2006


I spent almost all of today sitting on my butt, it's becoming a bad habit. I send emails and make phone calls like a madman, but never really get out and do stuff. I'm going to have to make an effort to fix that, institute some mandatory "get-up-and-go" time. The problem is going to be when and where. In the last month, I've been off the embassy grounds only once and that was for about 1.5 hours to the courthouse. I'm not getting cabin fever, yet, but I'm looking forward to getting out and seeing a bit more of the zone.

Just to shake things up a bit I rearranged my desk today. I moved my work computer from the left side of my desk to the right so that I wouldn't have to angle my neck to see it. Pretty risky huh?

I'm starting to get into a routine, something I've been trying to do for about ... since I got here. I've also been trying to accomplish this while I was back in Mannheim, ya know be able to say, "Yeah, I'll be home at 6pm," and actually be home at the time I said I would be instead of having to put out one more fire that popped up at the last minute. Now that I actually have a set schedule I don't have access to the reason that I wanted a schedule; Katie. Kinda sucks.

Sunday I'm done at about 1730, Monday through Friday (unless a fire pops up) I'm done at about 1830, and Saturday I'm off (sorta, I come into work, but only to play video games and surf the net so if a call comes in that something's broke I still handle it, I just don't go looking for work). When my day ends I go to the DFAC, on Fridays I get Strawberry ice cream with strawberry toppings and chocolate sauce. After dinner I head back to the office to play some video games or watch a movie, stopping only to pick up some popcorn on the way. I'll stay at the office until about 2230 and then I go back to my trailer to sleep. All I really lack is my family.

The picture I posted is of Brian (one of the afore mentioned family). He was playing a set at a concert in front of a dam, not sure which one, think it was the Grand Coolee. Except for not being able to see him clearly, I thought that this was a great picture of him.


Blogger Rob said...

That's a cool picture.

Anonymous Justin said...

wow...don't do anything dangerous, like, i dunno...something. routines are nice. and people say Iraq is dangerous. crimeny, the embassy sounds almost boring.

Anonymous Brian said...

Grand Coulee was correct

And here's some news, I now have my own domain



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