20 January 2006

Sorry, wrong number

What we have here is a picture of a failed IED trigger. I wasn't there, I didn't take the picture, I had nothing to do with it. I just found the picture online.

As you can see, the LCD screen shows "01 Call Missed". Incase anyone doesn't fully grasp what the purpose of that phone call was, let me spell it out; "BOOM!"

A bad guy had rigged this thing to some sort of explosive, but he screwed up somehow and it failed to detonate. I don't know the exact story about how it was found or exactly why it didn't trigger the explosive, but it's still a great insight into how these guys operate. Posted by Picasa

(note) Self-imposed edit here, as I thought about it I realized that it probably wasn't a good idea to show the picture of the trigger since it may help show how to make triggers. Just doing my part to get troops home vertically.


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