18 January 2006

Great Hunter

Anyone hungry? This is an older picture of a bug that I found crawling around on the wall of one of the buildings out here. I had never seen one like it before and it was pretty big (as bugs go) so I figured it would be safest to use the Gerber to pick him up to avoid any potential stinky-bug-juice landing my my hands. Once captured, this insedious insect waved his remaining limbs in an extremely threatening manner forcing me to defend myself from his menacing posture. I did so by gently releasing him back into the wild and cackeling villianously as the impaired coleoptera limped his retreat. Not only am I applying way too much thought to my encounter with this bug, but I'm concurrently increasing my vocabularial ability to express otherwise simplistic constructs.

Ok, my brain hurts now, sorry.

I didn't squish this bug, I let him live. Although I think the leg I grabbed was broke. Sorry little fella. (don't tell PETA)

In other news, we had two big booms early today. I don't know why, but evidently something needed some blowing up and I was lucky enough to get them on video =) Don't be expecting to see mushroom clouds and fireballs, just a big bang and a bit of smoke over the wall.

Boom 1

Boom 2

You can count on another post before the day's out. I'll try to avoid the fancy talk, it's fun for a little bit, but then it just starts to suck. Posted by Picasa


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