18 January 2006


I was trying to set my coffee cup in front of my webcam here and in the process I realized that I could see myself throught the handle of the cup. In a rare streak of artsy-fartsyness, I thought it was representative of a couple of things, 1) the addiction of coffee (don't worry sweets, I don't yet require it to become human in the morning, it just helps me keep my energy up when I miss breakfast), 2) me being trapped up in the IZ, 3) the possibility that this is just a cool picture and representative of nothing aside from being cool.

I hate it when people try to interpret things into "art". This is why:

Person 1 & 2 are looking at a 1 foot x 1 foot picture with a green background and a red dot in the middle, here is their conversation;
Person #1 - "I think the artist was trying to express his frusteration with his inability to achieve critical mass of his reds and greens."
Person #2 - "Perhaps the artist was trying to portray the daily struggles of the red-butted baboon in the oppressed jungles of South America."
Then Person 3 walks up behind them;
Person #3 - "I think he ran out of paint."

I identify with #3. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Justin said...

dude...i totally agree with number three. totally man. it's like...dude...there's no more paint.

and like, wow man, it's art, even though you ran out of paint. dude.



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