21 January 2006


We had a sandstorm today, it was pretty cool. Since we're in the city, we didn't exactly have the wall of sand bearing down or anything. People just kept coming in and out of my office and the air smelled funny so after a while I looked outside and saw about 50 yards. I only had my video camera with me so you'll have to suffer a download if you want to see a short clip of what I saw. Also, I found out that my file host, Badongo, peroidically changes file names to prevent linking like I do. So unfortunately if you want to see any of the videos I post you'll have to go to the other site, which I've linked on the right.

Aside from the sandstorm it was a very quiet day. I guess #2 on the list would be me shaving my head, think this is the third time I've shaved it since I've been gone. The first two times I just shaved it in my trailer and swept up the hair off the floor, but now with a roommate there isn't enough space to let the hair fall on the floor without getting it on stuff so I had to shave it in my office bathroom. It's actually easier to do it there since I can look in the mirror while I shave.

I guess it's kind of obvious that it was a slow day since I'm describing the intricasies (sp?) of how I shave my head.


Blogger PlumpPig said...

HI Hon, Am slowly coming to understand this blogging business. Your "letters", blogs? are great. I love reading what you have to say. The description of the sandstorm and the pic of the ied trigger were especially interesting. Did not know that you had a roommate. Hope that all goes well for you. All my love. Dad

Anonymous Bensbabe said...

Hehe, hello there Mr. Velcro-head!
Like your new haircut! LUB!


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