22 January 2006

*blink* *blink*

A slow day, and thank God! The last week was pretty busy, productive, but little time to chill out. The important thing is keeping perspective on the whole thing. I'm supposed to be deployed here, it's not like I'm here on vacation, and there are quite a few people who would gladly trade positions with me. I'm not complaining that I'm too busy, just glad to have a break.

The picture here is one that I took while I was in Germany of the organ pipes in a church in Mannheim. The elaborateness of the design in the churches in this area is amazing. I have a bunch of pictuers like this that cycle through on my Google Desktop photo window that I like to keep an eye on to keep my spirits up. In addition to pictures of churches and cities in Germany (all taken w/ my camera phone), I have a bunch of pictures of my friends and family.

This gives me an idea! I'd appreciate if people could send me pictures of themselves or whatever that I could plug into my cycle so that whenever I see your picture I'll be reminded that you're thinking of me.


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