19 January 2006

Home ... almost

Obviously not a picture from down-range, I took this picture nearly a year ago now in Heidelberg. I had been in Germany for about two weeks and I took a ride on the street car because I heard that you could travel to the next couple towns on one ticket. Being the tourist that I was at the time, I paid my 1 euro and 80 cents and hopped on board. I had also heard that when in public, and especially on the street car, that Germans were very reserved and kept to themselves which suited me just fine since if any tried to strike up a conversation, I would be at a loss for words, literally, since I didn't speak much German beyond, "Hallo" and "danke".

When the street car came to a stop where I recognized the name I jumped off and started walking. Naturally I didn't just go off wondering, I had my GPS with me. I marked the spot where I got off the street car, then I went wondering. That's fun! With a GPS (spare batteries) and a little knowledge of how to use it a person could go exploring just about anywhere and not have to worry about how to get back. Which reminds me of another, even more fun, trip I took with my sweetie. We took my GPS, a picnic, some euros, and no maps and went for a ride. When we came to an intersection we'd pick a direction at random and go that way. If the lettering for Uberoberstein was prettier than those of Unteroberstein we'd go towards Uberoberstein. We just went driving for about 8 hours and found several small castles that very few tourists went to see. Once we got tired of driving around I turned on the GPS and pointed it towards home. Much like the way out, whenever we came to an intersection we went the direction that most closely matched up with the GPS. It was a great way to spend a day and I look forward to doing it again! Posted by Picasa


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