20 January 2006

Stabbed in the back

Well, I have officially been stabbed in the back for the first time. I'm responsible for generating and recently presenting a report that's given to a 1 star general every Friday. This Friday I had trouble collecting my information from one of the sites that is rolled up in the report so I contacted them to see what the story was. They told me that they were having this certain problem that prevented them from being able to get their data. This particular problem is one that we're having too, but it manifested itself in a different way. I coordinated with the remote site to address this issue during the brief so that it could be addressed with the general. When the appointed time came, with the many high ranking officers present, I deviated from the plan to give the representative from the site the opportunity address his (our) issue to the general and was greeted with his response of, "What problem?"

After concealing my desire to punk him out in front of everyone, I managed to get the show back on track and finished it off.

I hate to complain and whine when I know that my friends and family will be reading, but I'm so frusterated that if I don't have some kind of outlet for the anger I'll just be dwelling in it, kind of like a drunk passed out in his own vomit. Trying to look at the bright side here and what I can take away from the experience, instead throwing a hissy fit and pointing fingers at various individuals, regardless of how much I felt it was justified, I dealt with the issue and moved on. What that does for me is it allows me to not have to "pass out in my vomit", so instead of being hung up on this for a day or so, dwelling on how I got screwed, I can complain here, get the frusteration out, and drive on.

The problem that may arise from this, though, is that if I use this forum as an outlet for my frusterations, there will be a disproportionate amount of negative posts making it seem like things are always screwed up to those that care to read on a regular basis. To those that fit this description, please bear with me, I'm not a complainer or a whiner to those I work with and can hold me accountable (my bosses) and things aren't always bad here, I just need a healthy outlet for my frusterations. =) And to those concerned about my drawings, I don't dwell on those either, drawing what I would like to do helps me get it out of my head.

... which brings up another side issue: violent video games. Violent video games are an OUTLET, not an inspiration. When a kid, especially a young male, comes home from a bad day at school, blasting a few pixels on the screen let the kid blow off steam (and if the game is cool, a head or two). If you take away this outlet, kids will turn to the real thing in increasing numbers, not the other way around. Once my kid is old enough, I plan to make these games available to him/her should he/she so choose. Of course, as with anything, too much can be a bad thing, it's not as though I plan to install a chip in the kid's head, I just want to leave it on the table as an acceptable method for relaxing.

I'm off to dinner!


Anonymous BensBabe said...

Grrrrr, nobody is allowed to stab my babe in the back!

Hehe, about the violent video games.... we will have to talk about that one.... I strongly suggest at least adhering to the age suggestion on the box....


Anonymous BensBabe said...

Just to clarify: My comment about the video games and age is meant to be for our kids. =o)

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