25 January 2006

My Sweetie v2.0

I guess I had better explain a bit about my favoritest and onlyest sweetie. I met her in college. We were in the same weight training class and she wore spandex =). It wasn't the first time we had actually met eachother, but it was the first time formally. The first thing I noticed about her was the spandex, a privelage, not a right. After introducing myself to her, I invited her to a party that my brother was hosting at his apartment and discovered that she and I lived in the same dorm only one floor apart. For our first date, the only quiet place we could find was in the stairwell of our dorm so we ordered take-out and had dinner between the 4th and 5th floors. We were together for a year before I proposed to her. I did so in much the same fashion of our first date except that I got a take-out box of rice and hid the ring in it telling her it was "dessert".

I can't remember the order any more, but somewhere along the line we found out that this wasn't the first time that our families had encountered eachother. As it turns out her grandma had worked for my dad in the '70s at a school in Bozeman, Montana and my dad had taken college classes from her grandpa. When my parents met her family for the first time both her gradma and my dad stopped when they saw eachother and said, "Larry?", "Connie?". It was all downhill from there =).

We got married the summer after Katie graduated from college and after I got out of my Army training camp. The honeymoon was up in a cabin in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and as a result we decided that we're going to one day own a cabin in the mountains. Until recently, the month I was gone at the training camp was the longest I had been away from Katie. Now I'm at about 2.5 months and counting. Most likely this one will end up being about 13 months counting travel time and re-integration and such. We spend about a year in Pullman while I finished up school, then we went to Georgia where I went to Signal Officer Basic Course for 6 months, then we landed in Germany. We were in Germany for about 9 months before I got shipped out to the sand-box.

As of right now, we've known eachother for about six years and by the time I get back to Germany after this deployment it will be closer to 6.5, of which I will have been gone for a little over 1 of them. Not a good percentage in my book. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Rob said...

6.5 / 1 = %15.3846153~ of the time you've known her away from your wife...for freedom! =(

Anonymous BensBabe said...

Well, looking on the bright side, assuming that Ben and I will live to be 100 years old, 1 year deployment is 1% of our life... so considering that we didn't know each other for the first 18 years of our life, 1 year isn't much, on the grand scheme of things.
So, Babe, I look forward to the next 75 years of happy life with you!!!! LUB!!!

Anonymous Justin said...

awesomeness. i always enjoy such stories. gives me hope for something or something.

Blogger PlumpPig said...

Loved love in the stairwell. Complete with food. Guess that means it was meant to be, huh?


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