27 January 2006


Iiiiit's FRIDAY!!! And you know what that means? It's Help Desk day! Yep, it's already been a week since I was stabbed in the back. The frusteration that I was having in my previous post was is mostly gone, I just realized that I wasn't going to be held responsible for the suckage, and I wasn't. As they were preparing the brief I got a phone call questioning my methods for preparing the data. I made sure to tell them that any questions they may have could be traced directly back to the suckage they put me through by changing everything without asking for my input and that if I was asked any questions that I couldn't answer I would "drop a dime" on them (that's when you call them out in front of the important people). This was me letting them know that I was getting ready to stab and that they should turn and present me with their chest rather than their back, you know, offering some professional curteosy.

Shortly after hanging up I got another call from the same people asking as many questions that the general may ask that I would have to answer thereby protecting themselves from any potential cheststabbing I may have in store for them. And it worked. The general asked the questions and they gave the answers I gave them. The whole thing works for me.


Blogger Rob said...

Are these the civilian contractors that are bein such arseholes?

Blogger PlumpPig said...

Hon, this is an extremely valuable lesson, and I'm not being flip. Learning to deal with these kind of situations and still maintain your integrity is a blessing from the Lord. As the "stabbee" you are 10 times the better man than the "stabber" - not because you are the "stabbee" but because you are already a man of character and can deal with such classless behavior by being the man that you are. As the saying goes, you are like a Timex watch; You take a licking and keep on ticking.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

Rob - nope, these are military folks, one navy and one army.

Anonymous Brian said...

Hey Ben,
I uploaded a very basic version of my page (doesn't look as nice as I want it too yet, but hey I've only been writting code for a couple days now). let me know what you think. the link should be posted bellow

Anonymous Brian said...

corrections, you just have to click on my name. Currently best viewed on IE. Firefox is doing some funny stuff to my borders... Anyway something to amuse you when there is no causing of "just a flesh wound"

Anonymous justin said...

dude. nice.


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