24 June 2006

Still Waiting...

... for two things.

First, and much more importantly, still waiting for my son to make his way into the world. We spent the whole day at the hospital today with my sweetie hooked up to this funny baby-and-contraction monitor. Just like in Iraq, she shows signs of progress, but it's not over yet.

Second, and much less importantly, still waiting for someone to present a well thought out, fact-based argument showing that we are losing in Iraq. I have yet to hear one single logical explanation that shows we're losing. So until then, shut it you defeatists!

Since I'm in a hurry to get back to the hospital after collecting some things for an overnighter, let me leave you with a cartoon and an observation I made today while researching our impending victory.

First, the cartoon. From Cox & Forkum:Sums it up nicely I think.

And now, the observation: In the letter that was found at Zarqawi's formerly-safe house, ol' Zarqy writes about seven ways that the terrorists are losing. After comparing these seven points to the strategies detailed in the National Strategy for Victory in Iraq, I find that the first six of Zarq's points are direct results of the strategies of "Isolate, Enagage, Build" along the Political track and "Clear, Hold, Build" along the Security track. The National Strategy for Victory in Iraq was published in November 2005, Zarqawi's letter was found near his dead body in June 2006. The conclusion I draw is that the plan is working and of all people, Zarqawi openly admits it.

An interesting side note, the seventh point that ol' Zarqy makes is that the terrorists need to avoid making mistakes that the Coalition can take advantage of in the media a'la him fumbling with the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. I guess the PsyOps boys are doing their thing!


Blogger dcat said...

Hope to hear the good news soon!

:)Loved the post!

Anonymous Liza said...

I have only recently found your blog but love it. Let me get to important matters, good luck and best wishes to all three of you as you enter a whole new and wonderful world; for your son, the world itself and for you and your wife, into parenthood. I have been a proud Mama for 35 years and its the best thing I ever did! Many blessing.....

Blogger Mike H. said...

Bandit, "An interesting side note, the seventh point that ol' Zarqy makes is"

And the first thing that his successor does is hand us a 'Media Moment' that the M$M can't ignore. The M$M can stifle their outrage but they have to report on it, which outrages everyone who really does believe in humanity and not politicosocial power.

Hopefully your son will remember that he has a family conference to show up for tomorrow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post and great cartoon. The cartoon does indeed say it all. Hope that your son arrives soon and my best to you and your wife. Thanks again for some interesting reading. Martha

Blogger Louise said...

Hmmmm. Think there will be a brand new cyber-nephew in the world a few hours from now? Sounds like it to me. Best of luck to everyone involved.

Anonymous Tigerfrau said...

We are looking forward to read or hear THE NAME of little BB...:=) and if everything went well we you three last night....grüssle

Blogger Tom C said...

As a father of two, I can tell you that they're always late! Best to the three of you.

Blogger Arcticman Speaks! said...

Good luck bandit.three.six. I hope you all three stay well and healthy. Your post, as always, is right on.


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