19 June 2006

Home Again

Sorry for the absence for the past couple days. I was busy making my way back to see my sweetie for R and R. In a grand total of 2.5 days of travel, I had roughly 8 hours of sleep total. Guys my size don't fit nicely into the seats on airplanes so sleep is infrequent and painful when you wake up.

(me and my sweetie back in Germany!)

Junior still hasn't made his way into the world yet. We're not supposed to worry about it for at least another week or so. It seems that first children rarely make the prediction and mine is no exception.

I put the research on pause for the minute, but I'll be getting back into it once I get settled in here again. I've also decided to start publishing little-known victory facts. These are things that should be making headlines, but aren't and as I come across them in my studies I'll be publishing them here in an effort to show that we are in fact winning.

Here's today's fact:

Baghdad, site of the current Operation Forward Together designed to drive terrorists out of the city, was responsible for roughly one-third of all insurgent attacks in Iraq based on a report presented to Congress in October 2005. This means that the rest of the country, the other 16 provinces in Iraq, account for only about two-thirds of the violence in the country. This is progress. Take the insurgents out of Baghdad and you've drastically reduced the capabilities of the insurgency. We are winning!


Anonymous rg said...

Glad you made it home. Looks like you will get to be there when your son is born!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice picture!!!!

we are WINNING?????
and glad u made it there!!!

after my brother retired from
the air national guard,he does
not fly at all anymore,hehehehehe..
unless its really ,really important.loves do drive now..

andrea/summer pj's

Blogger Mike H. said...

Bandito, have you checked your eyes lately? They seem to be glow in the dark type peepers.


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