22 June 2006

More Good News from Iraq

A quick note before I head off to bed: (still no young'n, dag-blast it)

Today at Camp Taji (just a bit north of Baghdad), another Iraqi unit took the lead in conducting operations. This kind of event is so important and gets such little coverage in the MSM. It's a travesty. Iraqis are continuing their march towards self-reliance and with each step they take forward is another step we take towards home.

If you're looking for a draw-down then you ought to pay attention to this kind of thing!
(Iraqis Stand Up)

Soldiers understand this fact, you'd think that the media elite would be able to deduce it.
(Smart Soldiers)


Anonymous dj elliott said...

OT: Just on FOX live

Senator Santorum and Congressman Huckster just announced that-
Since 2003 coalition forces have recovered 500 Chemical rounds in Iraq.
Degraded Sarin and Mustard filed.
More rounds expected to be found.
Filled and unfilled rounds.

Nothing on CNN yet.

Blogger Mike H. said...

dj, we need to give the M$M time. You wouldn't want them to rush into something like that unprepared would you? /(dearth of trust and a plethora of disgust.)

Blogger dcat said...


You do mean lame stream media right? Hehehehe I agree with you and thanks for the info.

Anonymous dj elliott said...

I watch the press to keep my bloodpressure up so as to justify my meds. The only time I have ever seen them get a story right was by accident.

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