17 June 2006

B36 News - 17 Jun 2006

Today's B36 News.

I decided to link some of the articles that I came across during my research. Unfortunately this will be the last news update for a few days as I'll be traveling back to see my sweetie and son as soon as he's born.

The non-Google Summary:

Here's one you won't read about in the news, but is just as important as being able to plant bad guys. LOGISTICS. You can't have an effective military without logistics. This story shows how the Iraqis are making it happen!

A good article about how the new Iraqi military is being formed.

Back in May, security responsibilities for the city of Hillah were transferred back to the Iraqis. Did anyone hear about this on the news?


But that's ok, we're still winning!


Blogger dcat said...

And we will continue to win!

Blogger Mike H. said...

If you have an RSS feed you might let Richard Fernandez of Belmont Club know. Belmont Club

Blogger Mike H. said...

I just left a comment link at Belmont Club. You might get some visitors.


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