21 June 2006

More Little Known Facts of Victory

Thanks to a link provided by DJ Elliott, I managed to get my hands on the newest progress report out of Iraq. This is the report that was presented to Congress pursuant to Dept. of Defense Appropriations Act 2006 (Section 9010). I've archived the previous reports and am in the process of comparing statistics from them all so that a quantifiable proof of progress can be shown.

While I work on that, here are some of the quicker facts that I could find:
Iraqi Security Forces continue to assume responsibility for their country. Below is a diagram showing exactly what parts of Iraq have been transitioned back into Iraqi hands:

This graph shows the total number of ISF that have been trained and equipped to combat insurgents. Despite the barbaric attacks by these insurgents against police and Army recruiting stations, brave Iraqis still volunteer to defend their country:This graph shows the progress the ISF are making over time.What some people don't realize is that the success of the Iraqi Security Forces is the success of the Coalition. If the ISF win, we win. The ISF are winning, and so are we!
Thanks to the Mudville Gazette, I found another blogger, Andi, who cites polling data from the Pew Institute that shows that Americans are increasingly optimistic concerning the situation in Iraq.

While this progress on the home front is very encouraging, at best only about half of those polled believed that we were winning. My mission to show that we're making progress, that we're accomplishing the mission, that we're winning continues.

Operation Forward together is working! More badguys are being caught and killed every day. Take Noori Abu Hayder Al-Oqabi for example. This guy led an assassination cell responsible for the kidnapping, torture, and murder of Iraqi civilians and Soldiers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Important information. Thanks.

Tom (a.k.a. Dumb Ox)

Anonymous Conservative Army said...

Thank you, as I'm sure that you are aware..it takes some work to find the truth about Iraq, here in the states...but, know that there are those of us who are willing to seek it out and spread it...


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