20 June 2006

B36 News - 20 Jun 2006

B36 News is going to be undergoing some changes while I'm on R&R. To compensate for the cool Google Earth function I'm going to be posting additional stories of success from Iraq.

Little-Known Facts of Victory
  • The assessment of Iraqi Security Force status is done on the following scale
    1. Independent - At this level the unit conducts operations independently of the Coalition. This is the desired endstate for all Iraqi Security Forces.
    2. In the Lead - At this level the unit is responsible for planning and conducting operations and is supported by the Coalition.
    3. Capable - At this level the unit participates in operations that are planned and conducted by the Coalition.
    4. Training - At this level the unit is just forming and is being trained.
  • In a four month period between October and February, the number if Iraqi Army battalions assessed at levels 1 & 2 rose 32% to a total of 53. This means that these units are responsible for securing their country, not the Coalition.
    - article about unit transition from level 3 to level 2.
  • In a poll conducted during the same period, it was shown that more than two thirds of Iraqis believe that the Iraqi Security Forces are winning the battle against terrorism. TWO THIRDS OF IRAQIS THINK WE'RE WINNING!!!

  • Over a 10 month period, actionable tips from Iraqi citizens rose nearly 800% from 483 to 3840. The Iraqi people realize the dark future in store for them if the terrorists win and are helping the fight.
All of this information is contained in a report that was presented to Congress in February 2006 and can be found online here.


Blogger Rob said...

Hey bro. Didn't read the article linked, so I apologize if it answers my question. Do you know if there's any more info on Iraqi troops in REMF functions? Are they primarily training shooters, or is there a cross-section of all the different guys it takes to make an army work?

Blogger The Mad Fiddler said...

Thanks for your comment and link in the Belmont Club comment stream. I'll be visiting. Best to you and wife and baby.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you have about how people stateside can do anything to make your tasks a little easier.

Hope you enjoy the posts and conversations at Belmont. Lotta good stuff.

Anonymous dj elliott said...

This is the May update to cited report-

On the question of supply/support units:
- When a Motor Transport Regiment (MTR)is formed and manned to 85%, it is handed to 3COSCOM for further training. Of the nine MTRs planned, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 8th are partnered. All nine are to be at that stage by end-summer. Anticipated independent and assigned to their Divisions (Div) by Mid-2007.
- Div Logistics Battalions (Bn) are formed and trained in parrallel with MTRs.
- 9th Mech Div has formed 2 of Its 5 planned support Bns.
- 85%(+) of Headquarters Support Companies (HSC) are formed for all IA Battalions/Brigades/Divisions.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

DJ Elliott,

Hey, thanks for the link! I've been looking for that! New fodder for the fight!



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