22 June 2006

Milblogger of the Week

JP over at Milblogging.com did me the honor of making me the milblogger of the week. Hopefully this will help me show more people that dispite all the bad news and body-counts that the main stream media put out there, we are actually doing a lot of good.

Here's some of that good news that you won't see on any of the major media outlets:
Coalition forces killed 15 bad guys and caught 6 including a senior al-Qaeda leader. It just seems like thes guys are dropping like flies lately! Also, note that even though these cowards were hiding amongst the women and children that none of the innocents were harmed. In fact, the coalition troops led them back to their houses and made sure that there weren't any more bad guys hiding out in their places. (read more)

More al-Qaeda bad guys bite the dust and another leader is captured. If you read the whole report you'll see that 34% of the operations conducted across the country this week were Iraqi led missions, 52% of those operations were combined Iraqi-Coalition missions, and only 14% were strictly Coalition. Progress anyone? (read more)

Iraqi Police reopen a police station in Mosul. This is an example on the micro scale of exactly how we (the collective "we") are winning the war. More and more brave Iraqis are standig up and volunteering to secure their own cities. Despite brutal attacks and intimidation by a lawless enemy, these guys know what they have to do and they're doing it! These are the steps towards victory. (read more)

I may have already linked this story in a previous article, but it deserves another look. In the article above, a success story of an Iraqi police station is highlighted, in this article the success of the Iraqi Army is shown. Just as their brothers in the police force, the Iraqi Army is making huge strides towards being able to operate independently of Coalition aid. The men described in this story are the future of Iraq. (read more)
And on the home front, Junior is teasing us with contractions, but still no grand appearance. Every time my sweetie takes a sharp breath and holds her belly we all look over eagerly, but sadly they pass. Maybe today's the day!


Anonymous dj elliott said...

I came across 31 photos of this event and none of the captions had unit IDs so I e-mailed the PAO. Apparently the release got delayed since I have not seen it anywhere else.


JUNE 21, 2005

PR# 062106-16

1/2/2 IA take the lead in securing Mosul
MOSUL, Iraq – 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Iraqi Army Division took command and control of more area of responsibility of Mosul from their American counterparts, the 1st Bn., 17th Infantry Regiment during a ceremony at a soccer field near Forward Operating Base Marez June 21.
The event was attended by Mosul’s Governor Mr. Draid Kashmola and Brig. Gen. Rickey Rife, assistant division commander (support), 101st Airborne Division.
The brief ceremony included the IA Soldiers performing battle drills and concluded with the unveiling of the IA’s 1st Bn.’s new battle flag.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Iraqi’s proudly waved the national flag along with their own battalion flags in a festive reaction to their newly acquired military responsibilities.

Blogger Susan said...

Found you as the milblogger of the week. First, I came over to wish congrats to your family on the impending arrival of the baby.

Secondly, to thank you for your service. My husband is a reservist who was in Iraq for the greater part of '05.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I write from Mosul. i am not an insurgancy pro, and i do not support their ways generally. But to be missled is not a good thing too. The way you praise the ISF in Mosul is far from true. people generally hate them for thier misconduct and cowardness. most of them turn thier faces away when they see insurgants or gangasters kidnap or even kill an iraqi. Lately five people were killed in broad day light near a police check point, who did not take any move to stop them. They show thier manhood on civilians and innocent men. People agree they will flee few days after US pill out.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...


Thanks for posting to my blog! I'm sorry to hear that the police are doing this. I hope that before the US and other countries pull our troops out that we make sure that the police and Army really will do the right things.

The challenge that we face in making sure that this happens is that some Americans want to call us (the Soldiers) home now before we have made sure that the insurgents won't come back after we leave. President Bush has said repeatedly that American troops will not leave Iraq until the mission is accomplished. Accomplishing the mission means that Iraqi police and army will do the right thing.

I hope that our leaders will continue to decide to make sure that you and everyone else in Mosul, and Iraq for that matter, will have a safe place to live before we get sent home.

I hope you stay safe!



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