17 June 2006

Drinking through a firehose

In my continuing efforts to document the success of the Coalition in Iraq I've come up against a significant speed bump: I'm collecting so much information that shows progress that I'm going to have to push back my timeline on producing my article in order to go through it all.

There's SO much information showing progress that I'm still collecting it all. My plan is to continue to collect as much as I can before I head back to Germany for my son's birth and R&R. While I'm there I'll go through it all and start summarizing it. I plan to work up two versions of it, one that is detailed and in-depth (the long version), and another shorter one that sumarizes and references the long version. If a person has a question about something in the short version they can reference the long version for greater detail. Just like the MSM only broadcasts the sound-bites, people want to get the "Cliffs Notes" version of things.

Here's your random progress factoid for the day:
98% of Iraqi children under the age of 5 have been vaccinated for polio.
Think of all the support functions that go into something like that.


There is so much out there showing our progress that I've decided to link some of the sites that I'm using to collect my information so you guys can see some of what I'm looking at:

The National Strategy for Victory in Iraq - White House
Progress in Iraq: Facts and Analysis - The Heritage Foundation
Terrorist Group Profiles - MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base
Assistance for Iraq - USAID
Iraq Fact Sheets - Dept. of State
Iraq Reconstruction Update - Project & Contracting Office, DoS
Iraq Weekly Status Update - Dept. of State
FP Iraq War - Brookings Institute

Don't worry if you're overwhelmed by the amount of information these sites contain, I'm in the process of working through it all to package it into a nice and neat summary.

***UPDATE 2***
What you see here is the 352 pages of articles, publications, and government documents that all point towards progress. This is just the stuff I printed. I guess there will be no shortage of reading material on R&R.


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