16 June 2006

Baby Watch Continues

The bun is still in the oven. I'm still on pins and needles every time my phone rings. Katie's mom is there with her now which is very comforting to me. I should be back in Germany in a few days now and I'll get to meet my son!

As for my efforts to produce an article that shows how we're winning the war, I'm still collecting information. Right now I'm focusing on the definition of victory from the various points of view, after all, if there is no way to measure it how can you say it's being achieved. An initial review shows that one of the larger insurgent groups is focused on removing the US from Iraq. Watch this: "An initial review shows that one of the larger [American political] groups is focused on removing the US from Iraq." Naturally, the insurgents and the cut-and-run crowd have drastically different tactics for withdrawing the US, but their goal is the same. Don't get me wrong, getting the US out of Iraq will be a good thing, but it should be a side-effect of victory, not a cause of victory.

I'll keep posting updates as my work progresses.


Blogger flythemig29 said...

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Blogger flythemig29 said...

You will never forget the first time the little guy looks at you and smiles. That will never be recreated and you will never forget it.

I remember what the nurse told us right before my wife gave birth. She said she was going to go out and leave us alone for a couple of minutes because it would be that last time we were ever a couple. In half an hour we would be a family. That hit me hard then and still does today.

You left her and you were a couple. She was your wife and you were her husband. Now you will meet you son's mom and she will meet her son's dad.

Welcome to fatherhood Bandit three six. Hip firing an M-249 is more accurate than the pitfalls of being a dad but it is a joy you will never regret.


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