15 June 2006

B36 News - 15Jun 2006

*** UPDATE ***
It's HOT here today!

The next installment of GOOD NEWS.

Non-Google Earth edition:

CBS News
Operation Forward Together. Is it possible that one of the "alphabet networks" is covering progress in Iraq??!?

The streets that intersect this marker have been renamed recently in tribute to fallen Soldiers from this area. Read more about what this community is doing to honor it's fallen.

It seems that Japan's Prime Minister is on the same page as President Bush. Japan made a bold statement by sending troops to support us here. My understanding is that the Japanese constitution prohibits deploying forces outside Japan.


Anonymous RG said...

Regarding the thermostat picture.

As Don C. once said about Texas, looks like its hotter than Hell's Door Hinges.

Blogger Mike H. said...

The story about naming the streets has got to be right on. It definitely helps the family. Hopefully we can win this thing and have a minimum presence in a couple of years.

Blogger dcat said...

Ok Bandit the jig is up you are going to be added to my place!

Like right now soldier!


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