15 June 2006

Drives me crazy...

Look at this BS:
The new poll found that 48% believe the United States probably or definitely will win the war, up from 39% in April. It also found that 47% believe things are going well in Iraq, up from 38% in March.
(USA Today)
I do my best to avoid blanket statements and point out when I'm making generalities leaving myself a little breathing room in case someone finds that one factoid that can disprove the universality of the statement no matter its accuracy. With this in mind, let me make the following challenge:

Find one troop over here who thinks that the Coalition ISN'T winning. Anyone who tries to do that will be in Iraq a lot longer than any Soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine. Every deployed troop will tell you that we're winning.

Also, let me make it clear that my frusteration is not at the American people, but the media. People are smart enough to make good decisions, but it's the media that feeds them the information that they use to make those decisions. Though I may not have the audience of FoxNews, CNN, or the USA Today, please do me the honor of letting me be on the front lines of the battle to inform the public of the success of the Iraq campaign. Help me inform the public who claims at every turn to support the military, that the military is getting the job done! Help me reach the 52% who aren't certain that we are winning.

I've decided to work on an article that I'll post here that will better define how we're winning. I'll build in large part off of previous posts I've made here to that end focusing more on measurable progress and successes. So stand by, I don't have a time-line for when exactly it will be ready, but it's in the works.

Soldiers are consistantly ranked as the most trusted individuals of any profession in America, a fact that I don't take lightly and make every effort to uphold. Please believe me, WE ARE WINNING!!!


Blogger Mike H. said...

The point is clear, the M$M are the culprits in this play. My attitude hasn't changed except to get angry with the cowards who counsel running in the face of the enemy. They won in Vietnam and I don't want to see them win here. Example: Jack (The Rat) Murtha et al.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't believe in polls!!!!
and screw the media!!!!!!
thanks for your service
and to your blog,they rule
and the media will drule:)

andrea/spring pj's/MN

Anonymous RG said...

I don't believe the polls that MSM puts out. One can ask questions in a way to get the results they want.

MSM got spoiled using polls by the Dhimicrats. Clinton and Kerry are poll-lickers. MSM found they could control Clinton and Kerry (the flip-flopper) by presenter them poll results, at which Clinton and Kerry would flip flop on thier positions due to the "poll results" presented by MSM. MSM also used a lot of polls saying Bush would lose the last election.

MSM uses "polls" as their own attempt at controling America.

Sorry MSM, doesn't work with ME.

Blogger Rob said...

You're just saying that because you're in the military. CNN knows what's REALLY going on there. =P

Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

One of the newest pieces of evidence was a document found in Zarqawi's "This Old House" after he was sent to his reward.

It basically said, "We're (the terrorists)in ever deeper do-do because the occupation (us), and the national guard (the new Iraqi military and police), is succeeding in their strategy.

Yup, we're winning!

P.S. Y'all don't forget to vote in the midterm elections. The outcome is important to your efforts!


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