30 January 2006


... one set of perspectives.

I walk around here all day and see things that I ocasionally think are cool or would be cool to send home, but I see so much of it I've lost track of what actually is cool and what's not. I try to remember back before I saw this stuff day-to-day, when I would be in a restaurant or some other public place and would see someone wearing a shirt that had some sort of reference to something military related and would think, "Wow, that's cool. I wish I had something like that." Well now it seems that I have access to all that cool stuff, but as I said earlier, I've lost track of what's what.

As a result, I'd like it if you guys could send me ideas for what you think is cool since you're the ones that still have perspective on the issue. Mostly, I'm thinking of things that would be cool as gifts or as keep-sakes for my kid(s). If you have ideas let me know and I'll see if I can track it down.


Blogger Rob said...

Anything that we may hear about or see on tv back here would be cool to see. Anything that's uniquely Iraqi, or Iraqi that shows American influence. Anything with a cool story attached to it really. Can be the .50 you found on the roof, to whatever. Hope that helps.

Anonymous Justin said...

camel spider. definitely. preferably dead, but live is ok as well.


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