14 September 2006

B36 News - 14 September 2006

It's a proud day for B36 News! A couple months ago, JP from Milblogging.com made B36 the featured blog on Military.com/Blog which is a weekly (or so) honor paid to various milblogs from around the internet.

Yesterday B36 was added to the "standard issue" list of blogs featured on the Military.com blog list joining a group of bloggers that I personally highly respect. It's an honor for me to be included with a group like this.

Assault on Patriotism
Normally I don't address issues that don't have a direct impact on our mission here in Iraq, but this one hits close to home and is the second such story I've heard.

Michael Beckett owns a home in Tennessee. A patriotic guy, Mr. Beckett wanted to fly an American flag, that had been given to him by a troop who carried it in Afghanistan, on his own property. The home owner's association, however, has taken steps to force him to remove the American flag from his own property.

If you want to do something about this you can contact the home owner's association management and tell them what you think, their contact info is available at the above link. If you do, I'd encourage you to be polite as yelling at them probably won't encourage them to agree. I'm sure (I hope) they've had plenty of people yelling at them already so just add your 2 cents to the pot and maybe we'll convince them.

Let me leave no doubt in anyone's mind - if anyone tries to pull this kind of crap with me they will quite literally have a fight on their hands and I'm very well armed, trained, and willing to use both to make sure my country's flag still flies.

Squaring the MSM Away
MG Zilmer of the USMC is the commanding general of MNF-West, the coalition group in charge of the Al Anbar province. Anbar recently received a lot of attention from the media when a report was published that made it seem as though the province was being lost to the bad guys. The report was so wrong that MG Zilmer decided to set the record straight:

The Other Iraq
Saddam is currently on trial for his attempts to exterminate the Kurds of norther Iraq. You want to know how the Kurds feel about the war in Iraq?


Anonymous Solo said...

Watched a pro-U.S. demonstration in South Korea on tv this a.m.(nothing to do with Iraq), now a video with people thanking America. Am I still asleep and dreaming? Congrats on your promotion to the blog list Bandit! A nice corner office for you and a key to the executive washroom on the way!

Blogger Arcticman Speaks! said...

You deserve it B36! Keep up the good work.

Blogger dcat said...

I’m not surprised Bandit! Good job!!!

Remember us little people some time :) XOXOXOXOXOXO

Blogger andrea/pj's said...

nice going bandit!:)

i could be wrong here,but
i thought the govt.passed
a bill awhile back about
the flag flying in townhomes.
i thought they said its
okay to fly old glory

Blogger membrain said...

Great news Bandit 36. Your blog is a must read for me daily Thanks for serving and thanks for sharing. I'm especially pleased to see the video regarding Anbar province. Whoever leaked tha information to the media should be tried for treason. Godspeed

Anonymous flaggazer said...

Wow - so much in this post!

First - congratulations on the listing on Military.com - an honor you deserve!

Andrea - you are correct, but this association decided to ignore it, which is part of the problem. This is one of those issues that makes me so mad I could spit. I bet that same association wouldn't care if he burned a flag on his lawn.

Thank you for posting the "Other Iraq" video - it makes me cry everytime I see it!

Blogger The Griper said...

Congrats Bandit on the recognition.

another incident similar to the flag controversy at the HOA occurred in, I believe, michigan also. a 17 year old kid was sent home because he was wearing a shirt with a flag on it along with he writing "remember 9\11" on it. he was suspended from school for 3 days for violating the school dress code.

by the way, a few extra comments in regard to my post yesterday. was reading an article and according to poll by the WSJ/NBC Bush's numbers are up 4 points. The poll also indicates that the people prefer a Republican who wants to maintain troop levels over a Democrat who wants to withdraw the troops immediately.

Anonymous Charlie H. said...

Don't get me started on flag respect.( To much disrespect occurs. )
Enjoyed the videos.
Got something in my eye during the Kurd thanks.

Blogger The Griper said...

Listen up all, that HOA controversy has been resolved in the good guys favor according to the "Tanker Brothers" blog spot.

Blogger FreeCyprus said...

Good work here...I'll surely be back.

Someone posted a quote on my blog, made me think of all the brave men and women risking their lives to defend the principles we believe in:

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."

- George Orwell

Anonymous kelly said...

congratulations B36, i have a HOA too, three days befor 9/11 i put out my regular American flag and then on 9/10 I put out an additional "flag of honor" with the names of all the ones who were murdered on 911, to my suprise, when I woke up on the morning of 911, EVERY home in my little circle had a flag out, i was taken aback because i did not expect my neighbors to do this (it does not happen on any other "flag" day in such numbers) I just took them down today, but every morning, the Old Glory will be in front of my house, and i just ordered a bumper sticker and tee shirt from the hot air site, I WILL NOT SUBMIT and you can bet the bumper sticker will b on my truck right next to my USA and Iraqi Freedom sticker. Rosie O'Odonnel can jump in the lake as far as i am concerned, so i guess i am a "radical Christian" and dangerous, and damn proud of it.

Anonymous Janet said...

Hey congratulations for making the standards list at Military .com. I love your blog!!

Blogger MasterGunner said...

Congrats, Buddy!

You even got higher billing than I have!

Well deserved...


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