07 September 2006

B36 News - 07 September 2006

I finished reading through the 23 page National Strategy for Combating Terrorism yesterday and I found it interesting that the internet played a moderately prominent role in the strategy. Below is one passage I found particularly interesting:
To counter terrorist use of the Internet as a virtual sanctuary, we will discredit terrorist propaganda by promoting truthful and peaceful messages.
My mission to help people understand that we're winning the war and things are going well continues.

Big OTF Update
Telling you all about the progress that's being made with Operation Together Forward is one thing, but being able to show you is quite another. The images below were released in MG Caldwell's press briefing yesterday and I think they do an outstanding job of explaining just what kind of successful impact we're having.This graph shows simple numbers of casualties in Baghdad. Can you guess which month OTF swung into high gear?
This map shows the areas of Baghdad that OTF has been enacted in. Note how in later pictures, these areas show remarkable decreases in violence.
Do I really need to set this one up?
While not a part of OTF, I wanted to include this picture to show how much progress we've made transitioning security in Iraq back to the Iraqis. And now that the IGFC has been activated the divisions (the flags w/ "XX" on top) will roll up under the Iraqi government rather than the MNF-I. Keep an eye on this if you want to predict when we're going to be done here.

In the same press conference, this video showing an airstrike on an bad guy mortar team was released. (Hat-tip to DJ Elliott)

DoS Iraq Weekly Report
In a seperate weekly report released by the Department of State, we still see that progress continues to march in Iraq. This weekly report gives a good outlook on the whole picture in Iraq rather than just focusing on the military efforts. The highlights of this report include many of the stories that I published earlier in the week, but some that I didn't. I'd recommend checking this one out on a regular basis.


Blogger andrea/pj's said...

u guys are amazing!!!!

Blogger Mike H. said...

I concurr with the last.

Blogger DayKay said...

I really appreciate those maps! Even the most ahm....determined naysayer should be able to figure out that *all* of Iraq isn't a quagmire! To me, it would seem obvious that some spots are gonna be worse than others. It would be like comparing gang deaths from East LA or South Central Chicago (did I guess right on those?) to those here in rural Bryan, Texas, then declaring all of the US is a war zone due to those LA death numbers!

Keep up the awesome posts and work, and don't let Liz and Wiz get into any little petty sibling squabbles!

Blogger devildog6771 said...

Too bad we can't send a copy to the Democrats and make them read it. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!

I am always amazed that even with facts before them, opponents conveniently "do not see" what progress is being made.

However, I do see it too. I agree with the other commentors, you guys are so awesome. You have fought against an enemy that refuses to fight like men. You show compassion for the civilians and their children. You are winning and you have held on to your humanity! I don't know how you do it; but, am so proud of you all. Thank you for keeping us safe.


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