03 September 2006

Ask A Troop Sunday

It's Sunday again, time to open up the comments section to anyone to say anything (within reason, nothing foul or filthy). For those who don't know, 'Ask A Troop Sunday' is your chance to say or ask anything you've ever wanted to a member of the US military. I'll do my best to fully answer every comment, but of course I won't violate OPSEC. If you ask me when I plan to go back out to grid coordinate MB12345678 in the Red Zone, you can expect me to give an equally silly answer.

A quick bit of news - Al Qaeda's #2 knucklehead in Iraq was captured today by ISF:
"He was hiding in a building used by families, he wanted to use children and women as human shields as our forces attempted to capture him," he told a news conference.

"I can say that al Qaeda in Iraq is severely wounded."


Anonymous Solo said...

Great news about #2 being captured! Hopefully he will be a good source of intel.I haven't heard too much about Zarqawis replacement al Masri. He seems to keep a lower profile. At one point I heard a report he was in jail in Egypt, but I found that doubtful. Question: Reports are, that many Iraqis are moving into the Kurdish areas, including former Baathists, some of whom may be wanted. Aren't the Kurds inviting trouble by allowing this?

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

I think a good way to relate to these reports would be through the immigration issues in the US. In any population there are going to be bad guys who do bad things, but I would say that these immigrant populations are composed of good people who want a better life.
I would hesitate to say that Kurds are "allowing" bad guys to enter their areas, just like I wouldn't say that Americans are "allowing" illegal immigrants to cross the border (even though some are).
On the note of illegal immigration in the States, what I find more disappointing than the fact that some Americans are openly supporting illegal immigration is that these Americans aren't being punished for it.
Back to the issue of Iraqi immigration, I think what is shown by these reports is that in spite of the threat posed by the bad guys in the group, Iraqi Kurds haven't locked down their borders and are allowing their fellow countrymen free travel through their provinces. It's further evidence of the growing national identity that Iraqis are increasingly taking hold of in place of or in addition to sectarian and tribal affiliations.

Blogger Rob said...

Hey bro. Saw an article floatin around the other day. Wondered if it squared with reality. The source is what had me worried (the pentagon). Here's the link, appreciate your insight.


Blogger Louise said...

Great news about the Al Qaeda stooge. Me thinks they're getting their asses kick but good.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

The article that you reference here is simply the author's interpretation of the report that I referenced yesterday. The "gloomy" slant that the author puts on it is an attempt to portray a lost cause.

The report itself is on target, but the article author is focusing on the negative and avoiding the positive. He hasn't said anything new or ground breaking and neither did the report to congress as far as the security situation is concerned. You can read the congressional report for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Yes, bad guys are hitting back. The harder we crack down on them the harder they try and hit back. It's going to come down to who's harder, the American public or the bad guys conviction.

Blogger dcat said...

Um do you think some of you troops can kick the poop out of the guy in California with his mindless scare tactic tape!? I know you can anyone getting a home on leave and is stationed in California? ;)

Let's not let up! Pound em to the ground!


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