11 September 2006

Remember and Drive On

There are a lot of ways to commemorate this day. There are a lot of ways to remember what happened.

I think the best way is to remember and drive on.

Remember the sight of towers burning.

Remember what you felt when you saw people jumping from the towers to escape the fire.

Remember the towers collapsing.

Remember the rescue workers running towards the wall of debris and not running back.

Remember the Pentagon burning.

Remember the crater in Pennsylvania where brave Americans died.

Remember the horror.

And then drive on.

Get your morning cup of coffee.

Read the daily paper.

Do the things you always do.

And remember.

Evil people hate us for who we are.

They want us to live in fear.


They want us to bend to their will.


They want us to give up.


Remember and drive on.

Five years ago today, I sat in the common area on my college campus and watched on TV as my country was attacked.

Today I stand on top of what used to be Iraq's equivalent to the Whitehouse and I fly the same flag that I presented to my wife the day I was commissioned along with the promise that if I ever deployed that I would be the one to return it to her.


Blogger The Griper said...

A wise man is he that keeps his promises, my friend, a wise man indeed.

Anonymous Solo said...

It's a tough day today, but I drove forward that day, and I will today, but I will remember. Tomorrow I ride in sadness, and honor, bringing one of Americas sons home to rest. I look forward to seeing pics of you handing that flag over to your wife and Mark Bandit.

Anonymous Leta said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the "remember and drive on". I will always remember those who perished in DC, PA and NY and I will pray for them and their families. I WILL NOT live in fear!

Today, as with every day, I will also honor and thank those of you who are serving and pray for you and your families.

Time to drive on........

Blogger andrea/pj's said...



Blogger devildog6771 said...

I whole heartedly agree with you Bandit. I will never live in fear of such small people. However, since that day I do find oten find fear in my heart over the inability of many here at home to see that we are at war with an enemy that will destroy and kill us if given a chance.

I am even more fearful of the world at large because it seems that this malaise is not unique to America. We have had two world wars. I firmly believe that the second and what we now are faced with could have been prevented had all sides resovled the issues they let hang, especially in the Middle East. I also see that the United Nations is doomed to fail as the League of Nations failed because it has not remained true to its purpose. I fear for my kids and I fear for their kids.

It makes me fighting mad that I feel that fear because of political pusturing, self interest, and greed!!

Blogger dcat said...

Thank you Bandit!

Blogger LoveMyTanker said...

A moment to remember and honor and now driving on! The military teaches us that I think and I am happy to use that phrase in my life daily! Drive on!!!

Anonymous flaggazer said...

Beautifully written...
As we are remembering, we are driving forward here.
Please all, visit my tribute to Major Dwayne Williams who was murdered at the Pentagon. We must never forget these individuals.

Anonymous Mike @ CopTheTruth said...

Excellent post, brother! Thanks for helping deliver the message for ther est of us. Godspeed!

Blogger MarksMomma said...

I love you sweetie! And I can hardly wait to have you (and our flag) back at home with us! =o) I am so proud of you!
Your Wahfy
(Mark sends a wiggle)

Blogger Escape artist said...

Remember and drive on. Very well said. Drive On. Walk On. Fly On. remeber first, then... That’s the plan I and my friends have.

At risk of being a bit off topic-As you might have heard the Phase 2 Senate report is out about Iraq and Al Qaeda. The report dispels the notion that Saddam had close ties to A.Q. or OBL. Grist for the mid terms. My comment to you personally is that the more we politicize the terror war the more we damage our own efforts.

I actually have years in defensive firearm training despite not serving as a law officer or a soldier. So, I got to train with very serious tactical operators. Some were kind enough to take my training beyond the usual. (Long story) So I have a clue… but not full blown expertise. If you have news about Salmon Pak, I would be very interested. Below you see why I mention this.

What I would add, at this point is the strong ties to "secular" terror groups Saddam had. Money. Medicine. “Life” insurance for PLO suicide bombers families. Abu Nidal safe-housing and the training camp at Salmon Pak. That would be the camp that was said to have contained airliner fuselages to "train" in. I read these were buried in the ground. This only makes sense if you need to stop bullets in live fire drills, or hide the thing from prying satellites. I am certain that these secular ties to terror would have helped all kinds of terrorists in time. Okay, so no evidence found proving Saddam had ties to Al Qaeda. Well, it’s the fight on terror not the fight on Osama. Let us all please recall that we Americans face many kinds of terrorists. Given a fair chance, I would have shot Abu Nidal aka Sabri Khalil Abd Al Qadir myself.

Thanks for the flag on the Iraqi whitehouse graphic. It’s a great image. Not that you need my advice but may I say it would be a shame to hear of you getting in issues over that image, like the guys that put an American flag up while pulling down the Saddam statue.

If I may request something- get an Iraqi friend up there with you and with the new Iraqi flag. I believe you fight for that flag for Iraq as much as you fight for us here back home. Think of how pissed OBL might be if he saw the two flags together, as the two nations are together in promoting freedom.

Personal note-I read you have or had plenty of coffee. May I send you something else that would appeal to you and your guys?


Daniel & friends
Los Angeles, Ca

Anonymous kelly said...

thanks so very much B36. great advise.i had a huge "flag of honor, where the names of theose who died that day make up the stripes, on a pvc pipe stuck out on my driver side window on my drive home from work today...and the radio station was playing TAPS as i drove into the driveway at home. I will take it down tonight, but NOT the regular flag, it will stay up, under lights, for the one SOLO is traveling with tomorrow.
God Bless you all.

Anonymous Janet said...

I thank-you, Bandit, for your stirring post and for your service in defense of freedom.


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