13 September 2006

B36 News - 13 September 2006

I'm a Soldier and I'm not supposed to publicly criticize elected officials, so I won't, but if I could, oh man would I be firing both barrels today.

Why is it so difficult for people to realize that we need to finish our work here? Perhaps I lack a strategic political perspective, but I just can't understand why Americans don't want us to accomplish our mission. They may say they support us and I've said my piece on that issue, but opposing our mission while we're fighting and dying for it is just plain nuts.

I fear that petty politics and short-sightedness at home are now our biggest obstacles to victory here in Iraq.

On another issue, I was talking with a buddy a while ago and we started talking about staying in versus leaving Iraq. He brought up the point that people say that we should leave Iraq so that the money used to support us here could be spent on things like health care. He then made the point that defense spending IS health care spending, it's a national life-insurance policy.

What It Means
I read a report on MNF-Iraq.com that was headlined "Coalition forces deliver precision munition in response to insurgent fire" and naturally I was interested. After clicking the link I was very underwhelmed. Here's the entire article:
CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq – In response to insurgent small arms fire, Coalition forces delivered air precision munitions on the houses used by insurgents for the attack west of Habbaniyah today.

The medical evacuation helicopters took enemy fire during the evacuation of a wounded servicemember. The medical evacuation was successfully completed.
Yep, that's it. I figured I'd help it out a bit and provide some visual aid to help explain exactly what this rather sparse article says.

Below is what "delivered air precision munitions" probably looked like for someone on the ground (note - not footage from the actual event):

Hearts And Minds
Winning the hearts and minds translates directly to popular support (something that is seemingly lacking in the States). The Coalition goes to great lengths in order to win this battle here in Iraq, and it seems to have rubbed off on the Iraqi forces as well. One of the bigger hurdles to overcome in the fight to secure Iraq in general and Baghdad in particular is to convince people that the government sanctioned forces are capable of providing security and basic services to the public.

ISF in Gharma are winning this battle by handing out clothes, toys, and school supplies to under-privileged kids in their neighborhoods. This story also highlights how vital and critical a role people back in the States can play in winning the war. Friends and families of the Marines on the ground sent in the supplies that the ISF then handed out. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you can help win the war.

There are many organizations here in Iraq whose goal is reconstruction. These groups get their support from various government agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations, but they are all working for a common goal - building and rebuilding Iraq.

The Gulf Region District - US Army Corps of Engineers is one of the larger groups that works daily to help build Iraq's infrastructure. From hospitals to banks, from roads to oil pipelines, these guys do it all. So the next time you hear me or anyone else talking about rebuilding Iraq, know that there's a good chance that the GRD-USACE guys are the ones making it happen.


Blogger The Liz said...

What the Bandit does not tell you is that many lizards were also slaughtered in the air strike. The brutal American war machine cares nothing for the plight of lizardkind.

Truely, one day the lizards of the world will rise up as one and strike back at the American Empire with the collective might of our detachable tails and ... and ... sticky toes...

Blogger The Griper said...

don't worry too much about what the people are saying over here. It is the President that makes the decisions in regards to war, and that is, was and always be the way it goes. And you have heard him more than once say that he will stay the course.

You have a Commander-in-chief that believes in you guys and your ability.

It's not that the people do not want you to win it is that the people do not think you can win. when they hear or read about the war all they know are the negatives that happen. you need to remember that very few of the people has ever gone through a war that we have actually won.

when you think about it WWII was really the last real war where a war was clearly won and that was 60 years ago. Every one since then has either ended as a loss or a cease fire. In other words the people have never experienced what it means to win a war.

But I'll guarantee you one thing. People are very finicky. As you begin handing over provinces to the Iraqis support for the war will begin to creep up. That will be the clearest sign to the people that you are accomplishing your mission there. That will be the one thing that the msm cannot ignore. it may take some time but it will happen and in this case time is on our side.

The big problem in the states is communication. Geo. Bush has not been able to communicate his vision as a president needs to at times like this. Unfortunately he is no Ronald Reagan or a Bill Clinton. Geo. Bush is more of a doer than a talker.

Besides, remember that we are in the states too and we are on your side. We are the people too. You and all your brothers and sisters are members of this elite group of "We, the People" also. And I also believe that there are a lot of closet rooters too. It is just that the anti-war side has been the most vocal about their position.

A good example of what I am saying is congress itself. If you look the ones that are doing all the talking are the Kerrys, the Murthas, the Pelosi's and the Reids. You can practically count them all on one hand. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty they won't back up their talk with action as shown by the vote both houses took on the issue of this war.

We have one advantage in this war that we did not have in any previous war, these blogs. It has allowed us to get the news first hand from those that really know such as yourself along with others like the Tanker Brothers, etc. Another advantage is hearing from the Iraqis themselves like the brothers over in ITM.

So, hang in there good buddy. We have the advantage even if the other side cannot see it. They will be the ones that end up being surprised. And isn't surprise the best friend of a soldier when he confronts the enemy?

Anonymous Solo said...

Bandit, just read what the Griper said twice.I agree. We are out here too. We may not storm the streets in support of getting the job done, but we have our ways.

Anonymous opinionsarefree said...

Ditto with solo and the griper. As for the Liz, just think of all the flies attracted to all those American soldiers.

Blogger stirinthepot said...


Don't pay any attention to those liberal clowns hiding behind the curtain of patroitism.

There are more out here that support you than you will ever know. We know why you're there.

Be safe.

All the guys at Politicalwarzone.blogger.com have your back.


Blogger El Dookie said...

Man, we all do believe in you and your abilities, and wish you all good and things.
What you call a lack of support though is different. We do support you as human beings, it just so happens that we question the decisions made on top, such as: where is this all going, what good does it serve?

In the answer to these questions, you as a soldier, are out of the equation, you are doing your job, and that's fair enough. I can only hope u, and people u know, won't get hurt in the process.

the problem in which the Bush administration is in now is that it can neither stay nor pull out, and when you are talking about winning that war: What we question is, what exactly does winning that war consist in? Leaving it for Iran to take over? or staying and giving the rest of the arab world reasons for hating your presence?
It is dangerous for the US to stay in Iraq as it is also because other crazy dictators know that they wont get attacked considering the war effort made in Iraq...
We could go on and on in that argumentation, and I won't do it here.

Just keep safe mate,
don't think that because some people question the person in charge they don't care about you, but you happen to be a tool for them, you aren't taking decisions.

kind regards,

PS: and to the other commentators, I resent being called a liberal clown for having different opinions, I am not insulting you for having yours.


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