05 September 2006

B36 News - 05 September 2006

I tell ya what, with the upcoming elections I think I'm just going to turn off my TV. It's getting to the point where all I hear is suits and ties with precisely zero military experience talking about what a failure the Iraq war is. What really gets to me though is that they don't offer any proof to back it up and it seems that people still believe it.

The next time you hear someone squawk "quagmire" or "failure" or "mess" listen closely (or if it's possible, ask them) to see if they explain themselves or what they would do instead. We're winning and we will turn winning into won if they will just let us.

Trial by Fire, Passed
Bad guys detonated a cement truck bomb on 21 August in Ramadi that damaged a local police station. The obvious intent was to kill, maim, and ultimately discourage the policemen to the point where the station would collapse. Unfortunately for the bad guys, it had the same effect on these brave Iraqis that 9/11 had on the US:
Instead of fleeing, officers refused to budge. They even declined to take refuge at Camp Blue Diamond. Within hours of the attack, police officers raised a new Iraqi flag on their station’s scorched flagstaff and set about repairing the outpost.

“I was shocked and proud at the same time,” said U.S. Army Sgt. Eric Baker, a police transition team leader who was himself injured in the noontime attack.
Sadr Backs Down
Rember Fallujah? Remember how we wasted the Jaysh al Mahdi? One image that sticks in my head is a short clip that was aired on FoxNews where the reporter was asking a Marine First Lieutenant (now Captain) Brian Chontosh about the bad guys they were fighting at that time:
"We told them to surrender or we would have to kill them. They yell back in English that they would rather die than give up ... so they're going to die."
And they did in an air strike that followed up CPT Chontosh's promise. Yeah, those were Sadr's guys. CPT Chontosh would later be awarded the Navy Cross for his actions in another operation in Iraq, but that's another story altogether.

This time, it seems like Sadr learned the lesson of Fallujah and had his knuckleheads in Diawaniya pull out following a beat-down at the hands of the ISF that left about 25 ISF dead and about twice that number of Sadr's.

While I'm At It...
Let me bring up another rotund "freedom-fighter". Michael Moore - yep, I said it, now I need a bar of soap so I can wash my mouth out. What could possible make me talk about this ... person? I saw a video on HotAir.com's website that was produced by the Al-Rashedeen Army that sings his praises. That's right, 10 out of 10 terrorists support Michael Moore! So all of you think that ol' Mikey is a champion for the cause of truth and justice, you're in good company. Just don't be suprised when that company offers you a bullet in place of your refusal to convert.

And I almost forgot, the point the video tries to make is that the number of US dead is closer to 25,000. Rrrrriiiiiight... Better luck next time guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the actions and statements this past year of a certain ex-marine from Pennsylvania, don't count on military experience to see past political expediency (Although, I would expect anyone who has operated as a LTC or higher to have as much or more leadership ability as any congresscritter).

Please remember that there are many of us here who wholeheartedly support you, your fellow soldiers and your mission. You just won't see us in the news.

Anonymous DJ Elliott said...


Quoting Bill Cosby now?

Politicians are acting like the mindless fools these days. They are not looking at the effect of their actions beyond the next election...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger bandit.three.six said...

While I don't necessarily disagree with you, that's not really the method or atmosphere I want on the blog.


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