12 September 2006

B36 News - 12 September 2006

As I watched the various specials about the 9-11 attacks yesterday, I was suprised at how much of an impact those images still have on me, and I'm very glad that they do. I watched replays of the planes smashing into the towers, people jumping to escape the fire, people running from the falling debris, people dying. Innocent people.

After a while I couldn't watch any more, but I made myself. I got angry all over again. I could feel my chest tightening up with a desire for vengence, for justice. I wanted to make things right, to make my friends and family safe again. Then I heard an explosion in the distance (probably an IED) and was reminded that I am.

The terrorists want to see America weak, broken, afraid. They will not see that day. The harder they hit us, the stronger and more determined we get. We will only run to engage the enemy. We will only hide to ambush the terrorists. We will only fall to our knees to take steady aim at the bad guys.

We will drive on and we will win.

Safe Pilgrimage
Here's one that I bet you didn't hear about. Between 8 & 9 September, more than four million Shiite pilgrims celebrated the birth of the 12th Imam in Karbala in Baghdad. Yep, a religiously motivated public gathering in Baghdad with security provided by the ISF and guess what? You didn't hear about it. You may be asking yourself, "Why is this a big deal?" If you are, pick up the mouse and smack yourself in the forhead right now.

Four million Shiite pilgrims participated in Baghdad in a public religious event under security provided by ISF with zero significant attacks. This is a significant example of the progress of security situation in Baghdad.

Operations Roll-up
The following is an operational roll-up of actions against bad guys from the last several days:
  • 5 IED makers, 1 kidnapper & 1 sniper captured
  • 1 captured and 2 wounded after failed SVBIED attack
  • 1 killed and 1 wounded while planting an IED
  • 20 captured and 1 large cache found after searching a truck
  • 5 ran off and 1 captured attempting to ambush a patrol w/ an RPG
Iraqis Stepping Up
Residents of a neighborhood in Baghdad have begun to help secure their part of the city. Rather than picking up weapons and forming militias as has been seen in other areas, residents of the Mansour neighborhood have been tipping off the ISF when they suspect terrorist activity thanks to a concerted effort by the Iraqi commander to build relationships with the locals. Additionally, residents are ignoring terrorist threats and going about their daily lives. Going to the markets, repairing roads, cleaning up the streets, rebuilding - they're driving on.

Iraq the Model
Iraq the Model is a blog that I read that is written by Omar and Mohammed, two Iraqi brothers living here in Baghdad. I really appreciate how they take an honest and critical perspective on events, placing criticism where they see it's due regardless of politics or favoritism.

Recently I've noticed that a lot of their posts have been aimed at the American public in an attempt to explain their (our) situation to them (us). Try this on for size:
This is our war first, it's our war as citizens of this region to preserve our humanity so as not to turn into violent, death-spreading mutants.
It's the war of those of us who believe in rewriting history and breaking away from its chains and it's the war of those who look forward to liberating their minds from the dominance of totalitarian interpretations of religion, and it's your war too.

Your duty is to help save us from being smashed between the hammer of dictators and the anvil of religion so that we can take our natural place and play a positive role in this life.
And it's also your battle to stop the murderers from acquiring deadly power so that we can be sure what happened in 9/11, or something much worse, does not happen again.
I'd suggest you read the whole thing.


Anonymous Solo said...

I used to read Iraq the Model a couple of years ago, as well as a few others. Thanks for bringing it to my attention again. The person I spend the most face time with discussing all this, is a Muslim, from Afghanistan. He cried on 9/11/01, and we did too. Al Qaida and their ilk won't win. They have no idea what they're up against.

Blogger dcat said...


Angry!? I am beyond angry I am turning into an ugly American in the worst way and I wasn’t like this before! Heaven help any of those that want to harm me! If it would ever happen on a flight I will fight! In fact I get isle seats now when I fly!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work B36. I am reading your blog every day to gain some more insight into what is really going on in Iraq. I don't watch the MSM anymore, especially not the left leaning Dutch media sources. I might be a minority in my own country with regard to supporting the USA in its War on Terror, but I don't care. I know I am right, I know the USA is right, I know the USA is fighting to make this world a better place.

In fact, if I were 10 years younger and this would have happened I would have emigrated to the US. I am pretty sick of most of the European people, who can't do anything but criticize the US.

Go US Forces, kick ass and get home safe.


Blogger The Griper said...

In case you all did not know, Mohammed's post is in the online Wall Street journal also. this is the second time that i have seen one of their posts written up there. The addy is opinionjournal federation The paper has always supported this war.

Blogger luckent47 said...

good afternoon, sir!

checking in on the bandit and seeing that you are still motivated and moraled. excellent!

yesterday was a perect display of how the presstitutes have a flavor for every mouth. Shows with reasons to hate or love America were all over the palce and no one could seem to come right out and say it, but it was there for all to feel.
My favorite is how many thousands of "college graduates" don't/won't tell the difference between "died and was killed/murdered".
The way the confused put it, its as if the WTC was some mountain stream for the victims to die like salmon on a frickin timer.

Every step you take over there is taken with thousands of fellow Americans and we hope your troops know it. Hooah Hooah!!!

Anonymous Anna said...

Wonderful news, bandit36! I am so glad not to have hearda about the pilgramage because it was a success!

I too, am still angry about what happened here 5 years ago and I am so very thankful for men like you who have put your own lives on hold in order to make the terrorists pay!

Stay strong, stay safe and we've got your back on the homefront!

Iraq the Model is a great blog...I've got to get there more often!

Anonymous kelly said...

hi griper,
thanks for letting us know ITM (Iraq the Model) is actually in the MSM. Iam thankful the WSJ online has posted them before too. It is too bad the new people to ITM can't go back to the 2004 post of April 9 or to find Ali's blog. together with blogs like B36 and other milblogs and the Iraqi, Egyptian, Iranian and lots of others' blogs, it is amazing the real story, read, TRUTH is not the MSM. but i forget, my state senator is Dirty Harry Reid, bla bla bla, he is on trashing the President's speech" right nowtoo bad he is not up for relection, more defeatist hater talk.
any way keep up the great work and people keep reading these blogs, someday we will be forced to "speak out" and show our support for the troops and Iraqis, by voting to STAY the Course, aka not the Democrats.
sorry. i just don'twant US to abandon the Iraqi people or our slain Heros.

Blogger The Griper said...

ahhhhh i noticed my link to the Wall Street journal was no good. let me try once more.
Opinionjournal Federation

Blogger Rebal VonRasta said...

Good points and the links to the 9/11 stuff are right on time and to the point.

Here is the deal in a historical context. If you look back on wars the US has been involved in Vietnam is the classic propaganda model.It's obvious all the old tricks are being used combined with the new tricks you can see being recycled so effortlessly. I am simply stunned that no one beats the drum that this is simple "blatant" anti war agenda once again. It is really sad how CNN for example spews that party line to no end.

This is why we can't win in an expidited manner as there is not total support like WW2 and it does effect the outcome.

Daves TOP TEN Reason's you know that War News is propaganda:

10) Endless body counts of US Dead

09) When body counts go down bombings go up

08) Pictures are faked and no one in the news cares

07) Uncovered Terror Plots are breezed over

06) Found WMD's are to small, the word was Inconsequently or not massive enough.

05) Iranian soliders killed in Iraq are on vacation.

04) found French, German and Russian weapons with invoices were stolen not purchased.

03) There is no body count of muslims killed by terrorist.

02) When they say it was more stable before we took over.

and the number one Reason you know it's propaganda.

1) Good News, never


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