11 July 2006

My Security System

In my continuing efforts to relate day to day life here in the IZ I thought that I should explain a bit about the pistol that I spoke of yesterday, or more acurately the pistol belt that I wear.

When I first got to the IZ I only had my M4 which didn't lend itself to office work which is most of what I do. I then discovered that I had the unique oportunity to get myself an M9 pistol to replace the M4 rifle. After realizing that stuffing the M9 in my pockets probably wasn't the best course of action I went to the PX and got myself the pistol belt you see here.

The belt didn't come in one piece as you see it here though. It came in 4 seperate parts that I put together to custom fit my needs. The 4 pieces are as follows
  1. the actual belt
  2. the pistol holster
  3. the lanyard
  4. magazine holders (x2)
Some guys prefer to wear a shoulder rig, but I find that it's very impractical in body armor so I opted for a drop-leg rig. I also wear it over the belt I use to hold my pants up. I find that it's much more convienient to just wrap the belt around my waist than to feed it through the belt loops.

You'll also notice the large wood-handled knife that runs along the belt loop of the holster. This is my first gift for my son. It's an authentic Iraqi imitation AK-47 bayonet with "CCCP AK 47" stamped on the blade that I inscribed his name on and the Arabic word for "son". I figured it would be a cool gift for a young boy, something his dad carried with him in Iraq. Hopefully it will become a family heirloom some day.

This then is my personal security system. Every day I strap this to my leg before I go to the office and every now and then I get to show the inscription on the knife to people who think I'm trying to be an office Rambo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE IT. What a cool idea and what a lucky son! Office Rambo? I don't think so. Keep up the terrific work, Bandit.

Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

I'm guessing "rambo" is more a noise your son makes (c:

We like our soldiers as secure as possible!

Blogger Surplus_E said...

First off let me say I have the highest respect for those individuals like yourself who serve our country and risk your life to protect our freedom. It is a high honor and I honor you for your service.

That being said, I am interested in the Boyonet that you procured... I purchased a seemingly identical boyonet at the Saxett gun show in Austin, Texas. I got home to find that it would not fit on my Romanian WASR-10 AK-47, so I started to suspect it was a fake. The only similar item I could find was your posting.

Do you know anything about it's origin? Do you believe it is Iraqi made? I am a history and military buff and this kind of stuff fascinates me.

Thanks and I am enjoying reading your blogs, very interesting and informative stuff.

Take care.


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