10 July 2006

Winning in Iraq - The Teaser

Tonight I completed the first draft of the article that I've been talking about. This is the first draft mind you and once I look at it again tomorrow I may make changes, but let me put this out there right now.

It's comprised of 5 parts with the following titles
  1. Introduction
  2. Why I'm Doing This
  3. What is Victory in Iraq?
  4. Measuring Victory
  5. The Way Ahead
I'll be publishing one section per day and plan to start in a few days.


Anonymous Janet said...

Looking forward to your 5 parter!! Promised to be very interesting. Will be watching. God bless.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing more of your writing. I agree with your portrayal of the media. Very sensationalistic and one-sided: in either direction.

Whiile I don't always agree with the happenings in Iraq, I know that alot of good can come of US involvement overseas--especially in terms of future quality of life. Much of the good will take a VERY long time to see. I am afraid the US is not patient enough for it though.

The good is rarely expressed by those who are being helped by the US. Germany and France are good examples of this. Not America's biggest fans at the moment, nonetheless our country has done alot for them.

I grew up an army brat and moved around the world following my dad's work (06 in the army) in various wars and conflicts. I will say that in every case there were people who liked the American's and those who clearly didn't--and the angry ones were the vocal ones. My father wasn't always "for" or "against" these various conflicts, but was somewhat neutral. I always found that interesting. Not a very political man. I think he looked at it like anyone going to work-- sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't--but you still got to go to work--that's a career.

He isn't a big fan of this war-not on ideological grounds though, in fact, I believe he thinks it is a good cause. He has talked about his disappointment with the planning and logistical areas of the war. Additionally, he knows Rumsfeld personally and has told me that he finds him to be a very difficult man-very dogmatic.

At any rate...I blabber...I haven't looked at your blog completely yet. I hope to. Are you a career soldier? It is very nice to see you have a new baby. You must miss him.


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