10 July 2006

My Fleet

Yesterday I posted a picture of some of the commo equipment that I work with. As a result, I've decided that I'll try to post a bit about what it is that I do here so that people who've never been here before can get an idea for what life is like.

Today's picture comes to you from the driveway at what amounts to my office.
(my fleet of armored SUVs)

These three armored SUVs are what we use to get around out here. Keeping operational security (OPSEC) in mind I won't divulge any of the really interesting info about them or what we do with them, but suffice it to say that when I'm riding in one I feel VERY safe.

This brings up an interesting subject; safety. Or at least the feeling of safety. One thing I noticed when I was on R&R was that I felt very vulnerable without my pistol strapped to my hip. When I got back the first thing I did was get my pistol back and you can't imagine how good that made me feel. The weight of it on my leg and the knowledge that should some random and implausible chain of events lead me to have to use it I could made me feel a lot better. I felt safer in Iraq with my pistol than I did in Germany without it. Weird huh?

I think once I get back to the States I'm going to apply for a concealed carry permit. Anyone know the gun laws in Oregon?


Blogger Barb said...

Bandit36 - I came to your site by way of CopTheTruth, and have been scanning down the archives. In response to your question about carry permits in Oregon, I think you'll like the site Packing.Org - it has a page for each state. Oregon's page is here - and it states that you get carry permits from the county sheriffs - and an NRA or State approved training course is required. It doesn't specify whether that is waived for military ... *grin*.

Nice site, and many thanks for your service!!


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