09 July 2006

B36 News - 9 July 2006

Today's top story takes us back to the story yesterday about the raid that killed 35 bad guys and captured one senior terrorist. Today video footage from that raid was obtained from MNF-Iraq.com. I republished it on YouTube and you can view it here:

Google Earth file.
Iraqi Army Wins Again!
Defense Link

In an operation that was planned and conducted by the Iraqi Army, roughly 35 bad guys were killed and another senior terrorist leader was captured. Forward Together is working. The Iraqi government is winning. We are winning.

These Troops Know the Drill
The troops of 1st Squadron, 10th Cav, 2nd BCT, 4th ID know better than anyone what the ground truth is. These are some of the troopers that are helping to train the Iraqi Security Forces so that they can assume control of their country.
“Our mission is to set the conditions to transition battle space to ISF and the Iraqi government,” said Gerber. “Our goal is for them to control the battle space before we go back to the states.”

The Red or Blue wire?
This is the kind of story that I just can't get enough of! Bad guys were doing their dirty deeds, namely planting an IED, when it detonated pre-maturely killing one and wounding two.

I love this kind of stuff!


Anonymous Sid said...

How many Iraqi girls did you raped and killed today? And last week?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sid, May the Lord bless you. I pray that you will accept Him into your life. With love, llb

Anonymous dj elliott said...

To B36: Ignore the radical slandering wingnuts and keep up the good work.
(and don't bother to read the rest of my rant since I cannot follow my own advice.)

FOR SID: How many have you raped and killed? (Not a quote)
You appear to be judging all military personnel by the actions of a very few. There are ~128,000 US Military in Iraq.

How many live in your town/city?
What is the pc rate of criminal behaviour for rape/murder in your city?

By your statement Sid (and presumption of guilt), you should share guilt for every criminal act in your city/town and should be executed and/or jailed for each and every acusation (without trial) of any and every fellow citizen of your town.

The term for that is "Collective Guilt" and it was a favorite of Hitler and Stalin. So which part of the dictitorial spectrum do you adhere to?

IS1(SW), USN(Ret)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record. I am NOT supporting this Sid's "comment". Bandit.three.six is an outstanding example of the kind of soldier, (military personnel) that make this the great country it is. I made the comment to Sid - if that is his real name - because he needs all the help he can get. People like this character wouldn't make a pimple on bandit.three.six's bum. llb

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sid.....fuck u!!!!!!!
and i hope a plane does
not land in your ass!!!!
nor a missle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks bandit!!!!!!!!!!
andrea/summer pj's

Blogger dcat said...

Andy sid is a little shit!

Ass holes like him are not worth the time. We know Bandit and he doesn't! Little creeps like him goes and bug's all military sites for attention and probably an Al-Quada backer. So pay it no mind because he ain't got one.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

Wow, I have my very own troll!

Sid, this is all you'll get out of me so enjoy it:

You can't distract me from my work. I will not waste my time or energy on people like you.

I'm going to leave his comment here as a message to others like him, but henceforth I will delete comments like his as soon as I see them. I'm all for an actual debate with someone who is willing to address the issue, but this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated.

To those who support me, thank you, but rest assured, it will take a lot more than this kind of twerp to give me a case of the ass.

Anonymous RG said...

Looks like SOD, oops, scuse me, SID and his cock roach buddies are busy stoning 14 year old girls again.

But that is OK

Keep up the good work Bandit. Ban your troll if that is the best it can do regarding intellect.


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