07 July 2006

The Hit Parade

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. After putting a small dent in my email I checked up on some of the good news and found an article that I like to refer to as, "The Hit Parade".

After the Zarqawi bombing (YouTube tribute here) we heard a lot about the subsequent raids and all the terrorists that were killed or captured as a result of information siezed at the formerly safe-house. This article does a good job highlighting the impact against the senior leadership of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

As a result of intel captured from Zarqawi, 41 senior terrorists were killed and 59 were captured. That's 100 less crazies out there trying to kill you and me.

Excuse me while I take a few moments to bask in the warm fuzzy feeling that gives me.


Ok, now go read the story for yourself.


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