12 July 2006

My Lounge

About a month ago, President Bush stopped by out here to greet PM Maliki and his newly appointed ministers. After meeting with MNF-I Command Staff and the leadership of the new Iraqi Government, President Bush gave a speech to the troops and civilians here at the embassy compound.

I doubt you would be able to tell it, but this is the room that that speech was given in.

The carpet on the wall back there is where the podium stood, I was slightly off to the left of the picture.

When the President isn't visiting, this room is a lounge complete with a coffe shop, internet cafe, and a small library. I usually have lunch here as it is very relaxing.

Additionally, I had some interesting statistics for who reads my blog yesterday. Check this stuff out:

I'm glad to see that so many folks from the defense industry read my blog! Thanks again for making my efforts here worth it!


Blogger Violence Worker said...

If the boeing.com IP is out of Long Beach (even though I am sitting at a computer on McChord AFB), that would be me. :)

Keep up the great work!


Anonymous Laurie said...

I just found your blog and am finding it both informative and entertaining. What more could anyone want? Keep up the good work.


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