12 July 2006

B36 Video News - Show #1

Here it is! The first ever video broadcast of B36 News, the Good News.


Anonymous John said...

Is it true that there are wide spread incident which the US army abuse, torture or even murder innocent Iraqi civilian?

Hope you can bring us the first account information from Iraq.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

John poses his question in a civil tone so I'll respond.

A couple things here John; first off, no there are not wide spread incidences of abuse, torture, or murder. There have been highly publicized, isolated cases of these terrible things happening. Notice if you will though, that when they do happen, the US military steps up and takes responsibility.

Secondly, I'm curious how you define "abuse". If you define abuse as using harsh language then I'm afraid I must retract my previous statement and admit that we do say bad words every now and then. Don't worry though, we're working through a greuling regiment of cultural sensativity classes right now in order to ensure that we don't offend anyone as we hunt/kill/capture bad guys.

Thanks for your question.

Anonymous dj elliott said...

You ment Dot MIL didn't you?

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

If you're referring to "mnf-iraq.com", nope, it's a dot com. Check it out:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great job bandit!!!
look foward to these

andrea/summer pj's

Blogger dcat said...

Those seats were empty because of stuck on stupid. They want to stay that way! Just ignore it!

Anonymous RG said...


Excellent video. The reason MSM is not interested in freedoms progress in the ME is that MSM is based on a liberal template. The liberal template predicted failure. They were wrong. Much has been accomplished. Now they have been caught with their pants down.

That template does not allow for them to make the adjustment for success now as it would prove their prediction is wrong. Therefore, they take any bit of bad news they can find and they blow it up as big as they can to cover their butts. Also to try to keep themselves from appearing wrong, they will not publish much positive news.

It is now an integrity thing with them.

Solution Alternate media such as blogs like yours AND a bull dog determination by this administration, supporters of this administration, troops on the ground and the good and decent people of Iraq to keep the ball rolling.

The terrorists and the liberal media will fail. The cracks are beginning to appear all over the place and that wall will collapse on terrorism and liberalism like the Berlin wall did over night on communism after a steady and determined effort by the good people of the west.

Blogger Rob said...

Is it true that the US Army gathered up all the kittens in Iraq, killed them and then burned all the corpses causing a massive hole in the ozone layer? I think I heard that on CNN or something.

I heard also that you Soldiers don't like babies or old people, that you urinate in people's flower gardens, steal their newspapers off their porch, pour sugar in car gas tanks, eat the last piece of pizza when you didn't chip in any cash, lie on your tax returns, and punt puppies.

Just what I heard. Why don't you talk about THESE things in your blog? Don't want the world to know the truth, huh?

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

CURSES!!! They've figured us out guys! Quick, scatter!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


andrea/summer pj's
ps,Rob,i missed all that
news!!!why u ask?????

cause i don't watch that
stinkin station anymore,and
i have not turned it on for
over 2 years now.thats my
story,and i am stickin to

Blogger Tom C said...

Mommy, Why does Daddy drool all the time?

Son, Daddy was a helmet tester in Iraq. Still chuckling. Stay safe B

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Murdering kittens? Stealing newspapers? Hating old people? Bandit - you've been holding out on your faithful readers. Oh dear! Whatever shall we do? Oh.....#*^%&!!! One of your biggest fans Bandit. GREAT JOB.

Anonymous dj elliott said...

My mistake.
I was thinking it was a military vice commercial site.
Why are they dot Com when the rest are dot Mil?
(e.g. Defendamerica, pentagonchannel, mnstci, grd, defenselink, centcom, etc.)

Blogger Nikki said...


I'm afraid we need to have a serious discussion.

Eating the last piece of pizza is forbidden. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to put you in the head lock.

Now stand still so I can get a good grip.

Blogger Cop the Truth said...

It looks great, brother! Keep it up and be safe. And watch for those kittens....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

those kittens can
be danger,danger...

bandit,can't say enough
to u....except when in
need.kick a terrorist
butt!!!!!!!!!!for me...
they should let me over
every pms.wink.....

soooooo much thanks to u
and tell all your buds
the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrea/summer pj's

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey bandit.three.six just found your blog... Great first show!

hope to more from a "no BS" zone!

Blogger Mike's America said...

Hey B36 Good Work!

If you ever take a photo or a scan of that poster you showed briefly in your video with the words "The enemy reads the New York Times" I'd love to post a copy at Mike's America.

Drop me a link if you get one.

Blogger Mike's America said...

Never mind... I found the poster here:


Also, wanted to say that when you said you weren't a professional journalist I thought of that commercial where the guy does all this incredible stuff without being an expert and says "but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night."

Keep up the good work.

Blogger Kent Rogers said...

We need more sites like this, seriously. Show people in America who are currently being misinformed by liberal media brainwashing and prevented from knowing what is really going on.

Keep up the good work and post more videos... MORE DAMN IT!

Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Arrived here by way of Anna at A Rose by Any Other Name and Mike's America.

Thanks for putting that video together and for your service!


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