13 June 2006


I can personally verify that the President of the United States is in Baghdad, Iraq! Shortly after finishing the speach that FoxNews is broadcasting, he made the rounds shaking hands and I managed to work my way to the front and shake his hand.

I reached forward, we made eye contact, as I took his hand to shake it I told him, "I'm praying for you Sir!" He looked me in the eye and said, "You're doing a good job!".

I'll put up pictures as soon as I can!

***UPDATE 1***
I'm currently collecting pictures and videos that I'll be posting here shortly. Unfortunately, the camera that I had was low on batteries and came out fuzzy so the pictures that I post will be ones that other people took. I'm holding out until I find one with me in it.

Stay tuned!

***UPDATE 2***
PICTURES! Again, I didn't take these pics, I had to hunt to find one with me in it. The best I could do now is one with my arm in the side. Hopefully the low quality of the pictures shows that I was actually there:

The proof picture - this is the best I could do at the moment to show a picture of me and the President in the same room.

If there are any questions about what the military thinks of this President, look at all the cameras!

You won't see this picture anywhere else, no self-respecing journalist would publish something so grainy, but I'm no journalist so here it is.

Two official photos that you'll likely see in the press soon.

More to follow as I find them (maybe some video too if you're lucky)

***UPDATE 3***
Last update before I pass out on the keyboard (it's 0035 here, that's midnight to you non-Armyese speakers):

It's not on par with what you'll see on FoxNews, but here it is. A short video of President Bush addressing us in the IZ.

I'll be back at it in about 6 hours.


Blogger AubreyJ said...

Can't wait to see the photos and videos...
Good for you on meeting the President and...
Thank You...

Blogger Rob said...

I'm jealous. =) Very very cool.

Blogger keef said...

God Bless all you guys and gals over there, in Afghansistan, and throughout the world, protecting our freedom, and the freedom of those who desire it. I'm a retired AF vet, and I can say that todays US military rocks!!!

Anonymous B.Poster said...

Thank you very much for your service and may God richly bless you and yours!!

Blogger Robert F. Griffing said...

Yes! (pump fist here).

Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Excellent! Thank you for your service and I'm glad you were there to see the President! Stay safe and always watch your six!

Anonymous beth said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for posting it. And thanks for what you do for us.

Anonymous rg said...


A lot of people stateside are impressed with your video work and emailing the link to their many friends.

Would like to get you to email me at rick_ceo@yahoo.com if you be so kind in doing so.

Blogger Pat in NC said...

Thank you for your post and mostly thank you for your service. I am so proud of our military!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your 'grainy' photo of the President is the best, because it is so Real - the usual perfectly lighted pictures can look remote, yours is so personal. You really WERE that close to your Commander-in-Chief.
Thanks for being there and for sharing with us.


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