08 June 2006

Zarqawi gets clipped!

According to CNN International, Sky News, BBC World, ABC News, and FoxNews broadcasts, Zarqawi has been killed in Iraq!

This is GOOD!

Puts a big smile on my face! =)

Oh, let's not forget, the Ministries of Defense and Interior now have appointed secretaries. To help explain this to people who don't understand, it's like appointing Donald Rumsfeld and Condaleeza Rice to head the Dept. of Defense and Dept. of State.

Today is a GOOD day!

Google News results for "Zarqawi"

Multi-National Force-Iraq - the official news release!

Did you hear the cheer that went up after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said, "Today, al-Zarqawi was terminated." Those weren't Americans in that news conference, those were Iraqi journalists.
I haven't seen peopel around here so happy in a long time. All you have to do is smile and say, "Did you hear the good news?"
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Blogger elena said...

This is so good!
This news make me so happy, this morning. I have a big smile on my face and I want to thank you and all your comrade in arms for what you're doing in Iraq: THANKS SO MUCH!
I speak just a little bit of english... sorry if it is not correct... I hope you'll understand!
an ambrace

Anonymous Bensbabe said...

Hip-hip-hooray for the good guys!!!

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

Elena - Your English is quite good and very easy to understand. Thank you for your support!

BensBabe - Thank you for YOUR support *wink wink*


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