07 June 2006

The Good News

So much news is put out that is negative about America, Americans, and the American military and in light of this unfortunate bias, I'm going to make a concerted effort to include primarily good news about America. I'll still include articles that I find interesting along with my comments, but I'm going to try and showcase articles that show the good that America, specifically the military, is doing.

In a recent post to his blog, "The Will to Exist", Trevor talks about the same thing. So if you want to hear good news, check us out =)

This isn't fair and balanced or unbiased news that I'm putting out. It's pro-America news, it's the Good News. I've also added a permenant link on the right to the news archive so you can view all the news so far.

Today's B36 Good News

Washington Post
According to a new report, Iraqis have faith that their new government will take the necessary steps to secure their country. To use a football analogy, we're in a running game here, it's not pretty or fancy, but we're making steady forward progress.

LA Times
Soldiers from the AK National Guard are getting called up to go to Iraq. I found this interesting since I'm from a small town (Barrow, AK) much like the one described herein. My experience there is somewhat different that what's talked about here, but it's still a cool read.

Washington Post
Peter Wehner goes into detail about the good things that America has had a direct influence in. He addresses national security issues about half-way through the article.

Christian Science Monitor
Don't be mistaken, this is a good thing. The Iraqi government needs to make decisions in the best interests of Iraqis, not the US military, and that's what they're doing. The fact that the new Iraqi government is conducting an independent investigation is good.

Christian Science Monitor
John Hughes from the CSM and I agree. He goes into good detail here on the good stuff that the American military does.

As a teaser for an upcomming bit of news; in the next couple days I'll have a personal and funny story to post, but at current I need to hold off. So stand-by for the funny!


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