10 June 2006

B36 News - 10 Jun 2006

Here's today's news. It'll be tough to top the news about Zarqawi, but hopefully the pieces that I'm highlighting here will help show the progress we're making in Iraq. I threw in another article that caught my eye as well. Have a look!

Google Earth .kmz file

Washington Post

Prime Minister al-Maliki submitted a detailed plan for how he intends to build Iraq into a functioning independent Iraq. If he can make happen what he has written down then Iraq has a bright future.


A drug lord in Mexico just made quite a name for himself. The US is now offering a $5 million bounty on him. Makes me think being a bounty hunter wouldn't be such a bad job. Ol' Zarqy had a $25 million bounty on his head.


The steady process of handing over responsibility for Iraq to the Iraqis continues. Al Anbar is one of the more violent provinces right now since both Ramadi and Fallujah are in this province.

Good news! We are WINNING!


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