12 June 2006

Baby Watch

Baby watch is in full effect and will be for the next couple weeks! We are days away from the predicted date of birth for our first child. If all goes as planned I should be able to be back shortly after the baby is born or shortly before, we planned my R&R to coincide with the back half of the prediction window to increase the likelihood that I'll get to meet Junior before I have to come back to Baghdad. I'm so excited!!!

As for the video, I must say that I'm very happy with the reception that my Zarqawi tribute video has received. I submitted it to a number of military-friendly websites and they've all been kind enough to link it on their sites. I've compiled a list of other websites that link/reference the video and ask that those of you who read my blog read these as well. Thanks for your support!

Liberty Post
Conservative Outpost
Blogs of War
Move on and Shut Up
Right Rainbow

Also, as of 1930 Baghdad time, the video has over 2200 views!


Anonymous dan l said...

Thanks for the linkage brother. Congrats on Junior coming soon.


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