13 June 2006

B36 News - 13 Jun 2006

Big news today! Not the biggest news though, hopefully Junior will arrive tomorrow, Army birthday and Flag Day, would be cool to have him be born on that day. Baby Watch continues, keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow!

The other news of the day. The President decided to visit us! Yep, President Bush stopped by to meet the Prime Minister of Iraq today in the building that I work at!

I was just watching FoxNews and saw my trailer from the rear gate of the helicopter that carried the journalists covering the President's trip into Baghdad. If you see that video, know that that's where I live!

Up until we got word that he was in Baghdad, my part in the meetings that he was having from Camp David was highlighted by FoxNews in the article highlighted below:

Yep, my part in the conference was to make sure that the link between the IZ and Camp David stayed green. It's rare that commo guys get any kind of media coverage and this is the best kind! For the conference that was held yesterday while the President was in Camp David, when he was recapping the meeting and said the the conference was successful he meant that much was accomplished during the meeting, but I took it to mean that the link was green throughout. Afterall, nothing could have been accomplished if they couldn't talk. This is one of those things that makes it worth it.

B36 News - 13 Jun 2006


President Bush is holding talks with senior cabinet advisors in Camp David to discuss the situation in Iraq. Attending these talks via video-teleconference (VTC) are senior military leaders and the newly elected and appointed Iraqi government officials in the International Zone.

Yep, VTC in the IZ. That's my responsibility. =) I was watching FoxNews yesterday and heard President Bush say that the conference went well. Of course he meant the substance of the meetings, but as far as I'm concerned that means that my contribution to those meetings was a success!

Update! - It seems that my VTC link is no longer required now that President Bush is here! =)

Google News
Bad guys save us the trouble, what's the problem?

ABC News
A couple days ago I was emailed a video of a couple Soldiers in Ramadi who produced a rap music video spoof. 'Lo and behold, it seems to have made quite an impact even outside military circles.

(update) As of 1900 Baghdad time the Zarqawi video on YouTube video has 4379 hits! Thanks for your support!


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