02 September 2006


This family day video comes straight from the good ol' US of A. MarksMomma and Mark made it back to visit the grandparents and the rest of the family. In this video you see Mark practicing his low-crawl with his Aunt Hanna.

On the news front, the latest DoD report to Congress on the security and stability of Iraq has been released and I'm trying to get my hands on it. Unfortunately all of the other news sites only give their interpretation of it, they don't provide a link to the original.



Blogger The Griper said...

i believe the report you are looking for is here:


its entitled "New Report Measures Iraq Stability, Security

Blogger bg said...


ooh, he's such a sweetheart (mommy too :))!! gosh, they grow way too fast.. glad you can have him there with you via film & share in his journey.. and thanks for sharing it with us too!!

God bless soldiers everywhere.. for putting THEIR
lives on the line to protect US ALL from terrorism!

take care, patricia..


Anonymous Solo said...

Thanks for posting Marks new exercise video. I tried it out,doing several reps. Now I have an urge for some milk and a nap. :-)

Blogger dcat said...

^..^ :)


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