27 August 2006

Ask A Troop Sunday

So far no takers to my challenge even though it has been seen by hundreds. To those of you who worry that this may result in the wackos ruining the blog, don't worry, the idiocy rule will still apply to the other posts.

For those who don't know, "Ask A Troop Sunday" is designed to be the place where anyone can say or ask anything. I do my best to completly answer each question, but I may do some tap dancing to aviod compromising OPSEC if you ask too pointed a question.

So if you want to call me a babykiller and are upset because I deleted your comment on another post, here's your chance! Enjoy that freedom of speech that me and my buddies are just dying to protect!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled into milblogs maybe a year and a half ago. I was troubled by America's involvement in Iraq. I was hoping to get a better, broader and more complete picture by reading what was being said by those who were actually there. I wanted to hear both American soldiers and Iraqis blogs. I felt it was particularly important to hear from Iraqis. After all, it is the Iraqi's country that was in thrust into chaos. I was aware that I could only read Iraqi blogs wriiten in English which might influence what I gleaned form them.
I confess I am still am torn. I do believe we are not getting a complete picture from the MSM. There are stories of growth and healing that never make to CNN. Yet even reading milblogs and Iraqi blogs for hours I can't seem to find a clear unified message.
So I will ask you the questions that got me started.
What has been accomplished for and by the Iraqis ? Will the destruction be counter balanced by the benefits in the long run ?
What do you see as the goal of the American involvement

Thank You, CarolinaGirl

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

I think that my answer to your question can be found in one of my previous posts, Winning in Iraq - Measuring Victory. It's part 4 of a 5 part series I wrote detailing exactly why I think that we're winning and doing good work here.
I believe that 15 years from now, Iraq will be a beacon of freedom and justice in the Middle East. The choice to be subjugated to tyranny is made by default when a people won't choose to confront tyranny. We've helped set Iraq on a path free of tyranny and soon the people of Iraq will have to make the choice of to continue along that path or return to the subjugation of tyranny. I believe they will confront and defeat that tyranny.

Blogger The Griper said...

hi Bandit,

just a comment in regards to your problem with "them" the other day. what you might do, especially in the use of graphics, is to put a small post script under the graphic indicating your source. this way "they" will have a means to actually determine where and how you obtained the graphic. might help avoid any more hassles with "them"

i also wish to apologize for my laughing remark in my last comment on your previous post of the "challenge" i just couldn't help smile at the fact that the very first comment i saw aomeone make about the challenge was my prediction.

also wanted to congratulate you on the jump of hits to your blog. shows that your challenge did have some impact on the blogs.

one more thing. i think this "ask a troop" day of yours was a great and unique idea. i've been wanting to say that for the last few weeks but i kept forgetting to do it. have noticed some very good questions of you.

have a "cool" day, amigo.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for your response. I agree wholeheartly with your comment comparing the Iraqi voter turnout with the low American voter turnout. It is shamefully how casually many people here see their right/obligation to vote. Yes, I voted.

You presented some very impressive numbers. They are certainly not what I have seen in the MSM. Certainly not television which lives and dies by the soundbite, in fact not even in newpapers, which have a better forum for indepth analysis. I suppose it all comes down to an inability on my part to reconcile the diametrically opposed views of the same situation that are present in the MSM and the blogs I have read. The situation being the progress, accomplishments or lack thereof in the wars in both Iraq and Afganistan. There seems to be a momumental disconnect somewhere. I just can't seem to wrap my little pea brain around the how and why of the disconnect. You and the other bloggers have the authority of being there, boots on the ground. On the other hand the media has years of experince and the presumption of objectivity. I am aware that many think there is a MSM conspiracy. I find it hard to believe that the entire MSM is involved. Frankly, I don't think that many people could keep their mouth's shut about it if there was a mass conspiracy. Yet, you and the other are there. I seem to be thinking in circles now and wasting your time. I suppose it will be my job to try and mull thru this now.

Thank You for your time, CarolinaGirl

Anonymous kelly said...

if i can add to that, Carolinagirl,
i have been reading milblogs and iraqis, egyptians, and others since shortly after the war started because my best friends 19 year old son was stationed in Falluja. He ended up doing THREE tours there, yes it was his choice to go back the 2nd and 3rd time. He was one of the Marines who helped uncover the Mass graves that you can see on Hammoribis blog(spelling) and his comment after watching Iraqi mothers dig in the dirt with their hands to find the loved ones who had dissapeared, was that he cared not about WMD, he has seen it with his own eyes, you should too,, if you have not, go look at the 50 more pictures on Hammoribi's blog.Read all of his archives too, he is a wide range of emotions and worth the read, I found Iraq The Model and Hammoribi (spelling) and the Mesopotamian many more from them.have you heard of Michael Yon? I have read some Iraq blogs that upset me very much because they are very anti american and anti change, I have read ITM and been uplifted, depressed and and as happy and sad as I have ever been. If you have been reading the blogs of the Iraqis and the mil blogs,(even the anti change, anti american, anti-freedom one) i think the picture cannot be clearer
first and formost, We are absoultly just in this fight because the goal of the enemy terroist is really to kill all infidels when ever and where ever he can. and we are winning in Iraq.
second because the people of IRAQ deserve to live and be free to taste freedom, the children know there is more than what the last 30 years before OIF started and to know and taste real true freedom (at this point I would recommed you go directly to ITM and read his most recent post where one of the most recent where one of the writers just returned from a trip outside his country, and go to the archives and read them all pay special attention to the post dated 9 th of April, yes that is what day they remember as we remember the 4 th of july.
third, well, just read CENTCOM, Stryker Brigade News,of course B36, and stop listening to the people who only care about ratings and their own career, Nothing truly good ever happens fast, I believe B36 is right, in 15 years Iraq will be a becon of freedom and this war will go down in history as a great victory for the USA and her allies, also, even now there are people in iraq who LOVE President Bush and consider him a hero, bet ya never heard that on the msm, bet ya never saw the statues of the American soliders and Iraq children made from melted down saddam statues.
yes in 15 years (not saying that we will be fighting for that long though) the truth will be known, but not,if we cut and run and abandon our friends and allow the mas graves and rape rooms again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are not a babykiller

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh No !, By asking these questions I am not intending to imply that anyone in the US Military is a 'babykiller'. I am not implying it because I don't believe that the US Military are babykillers. I believe them to be the most professional and disciplined force in the world. I am gratful they do what they do. Their courage and committment allows me to be in the position to ask the questions I am asking. If I have offended anyone please accept my sincere and profound apology.


Anonymous jordan said...

Do the troops over there realize that MSM reports of public opinion don't accurately reflect U.S. public opinion? I have looked closely at some of the "polls" reflecting decreased support for the mission there, and do not find rigorous or credible.

The MSM isn't going to reflect true broad-based public sentiment about what you are doing over there. I hope rather than get demoralized, your soldiers realize alot of this stuff is atmospherics for the November election.

Most people truly respect and admire the sheer guts it takes to do what you do and be over there. While some may not be happy with various aspects of the war, every sane person realizes we are in this for the long haul. We do support your presence there, and this mission is critical to our national security any way you look at it.

Stay safe.

Blogger dcat said...

And you are doing a damn good job Bandit! Thank you to all of you guys fighting for our country!

Those that don't like it should %#@!ing leave!!!

There that is my freedom of speech for today ^..^

Anonymous Anna said...

I'm sure there are Iraqis who would like all Americans out of Iraq, but I'm also sure most understand that our troops will be gone once the Iraqis themselves can take over all their own security. They may moan and complain and rant and rave, but our troops will be gone when they are strong enough to stand on their own!

B36 I cannot thank you enough for all you do. Both in Iraq and here on your blog.

Keep your head down and stay safe!

Blogger MarksMomma said...

Hey Sweetie,
wow, just saw how many hits your blog is getting!!! That is amazing! Looks like you have quite the fan-club... but your biggest fans are here! Mark and I love you, and I am SOOOOOOOOO proud to have you as a husband! While I can't wait for you to come home, I am also very proud that you are out there helping make our World a safer place!!!
Your Wahfy

Blogger MasterGunner said...

Hey buddy:

I don't have a question, just a comment:

Great Blog. You're on my daily reading list. Keep your head down, and remember to aim center mass.

I'll be back in Iraq in a few short weeks. I owe you a "near beer"


Blogger luckent47 said...

i remember the day they set aside in my high school for showing the films of liberating buchenwald, auschwitz etc.
it was a solemn and quiet day and as I was the only person in the room that had actually lived in Germany I was asked to comment.
I said that Americans of the modern age and many others in the west wanted to use the jews and others in the nazi deathcamps as a stone to cover a grave while the soviet union and mao killed millions more right next door and never got a movie.
My school had a very high population of Jews and some complained that I was trying to diminish the effect. I answered that it was THEY that should be mentioning the millions that dead to marx, not I, and that genocide does not equal dead jews.
Now its twenty years later and it doesnt even come close to registering on the radar that saddam hussein was a mass murdering hitlerstalinmao type demon. Its all about whining about W and the republicans that keep asking all these inconvenient questions like "what about all those dead kurds"?

I have heard too many "people" like Elvis costello say that we do business with countries ten times worse. It never occurs to them that this is just a start.

I really hope youre squared away over there LT and Godspeed.


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