28 August 2006

B36 News - 28 August 2006

The current count is just shy of 1000 page views for my Open Challenge and I have yet to face a serious contender. Surely there has to be someone out there who can back up the claim that we're losing. I won't be suprised by what the Tanker Brothers call "drive by comment posting" in which the poster levels personal attacks at me rather than at my position on the issue, but if someone can logically explain how we're losing I'll be impressed.

Also, thanks to those of you who have helped me reach those who would otherwise not hear my challenge. I'd like to keep up that effort so if you know of some deep-dark defeatist hole, please let me know so I can shine the light of victory on them.

I just don't get why Americans would WANT us to lose.

Operation Together Forward Expands
After securing several districts in southern and western Baghdad, Iraqi and Coalition forces are beginning to move into the northern district of Adhamiyah. Remember, we're sending men with guns into neighborhoods looking for other men with guns. Chances are good that in these places there will be temporarily increased violence. Also remember, this NEEDS to happen before violence will decrease. Ignoring the bad men with guns is not the path to peace. Taking their guns, by force if necessary, will lead to peace.

Reconcilliation Gains Support
Over the weekend, PM Maliki held a reconcilliation conference that resulted in tribal leaders from all sects signing what was called a 'pact of honor' aimed at helping reduce violence in Iraq. This is another critical step forward for Iraq. For years there has been a rift between the different sects in Iraq and now we're seeing a lot of progress towards overcoming those divisions and the creation of a unified Iraq.
Al-Maliki won endorsement of his program for bridging religious, ethnic and political divisions at a national conference of tribal chiefs. A representative of the chiefs read their agreement on live television, calling it a "pact of honor."

"Realizing the gravity of the situation our country is undergoing, we pledge in front of God and the Iraqi people to be sincere and serious in preserving the unity of our country," said the agreement signed by tribal leaders and sheiks.

Kidnapped Sunni Lawmaker Released
Before anyone falls out of their chair when they click this link let me give fair warning; yes, it's the New York Times. Showing further progress towards unity, a Sunni lawmaker (who is a woman, by the way) was set free by her Shiite captors thanks in large part to the personal involvment of PM Maliki. There was no military operation to free Ms. Mashhadani, instead she was delivered to PM Maliki's office, at her request, where she personally thanked him.

Now before you think, "Oh, isn't that nice," and move on to the next story, think of the significance of the details here. A democratically elected Sunni female politician was taken hostage for 55 days and released after the involvement of the democratically elected, Shiite PM.

Got unity?

I found this story VERY interesting. I think I'll just quote it and let the author of the article speak for himself:
The second trial of Saddam Hussein, which began this week, has included stomach-churning evidence of his atrocities against the Kurds. It's yet another lesson why removing him was the right thing to do.

Somehow, among the many reasons for the war in Iraq, the one that's perhaps strongest gets shortest shrift: the moral one.

We say this because Saddam's career as usurper and ruler of his nation is an object lesson in evil -- the kind that, if not opposed, festers, grows and infects even those who think they're immune.


Anonymous dj elliott said...

You missed one:


Iraqi headquarters to take control of its troops

BAGHDAD - Major Iraqi military command structures are ready to assume operational control over the country’s air, sea and land-based forces beginning early next month, the multi-national Coalition force said in a statement.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense is scheduled to assume operational control over the Iraqi Joint Headquarters and elements of the Iraqi naval, air and special operations forces. The Iraqi Joint Headquarters would, in turn, gain control over the Iraqi Ground Forces Command, which would gradually control all of Iraq’s army divisions, giving the country of more than 26 million people control over its armed force

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

DJ Elliott,
Good catch, I was confusing that story with the one I posted on the 23rd about the 8th IAD assuming independence. Both the 8th IAD and the Ground Forces Command are set to assume responsiblity at the start of September.

Anonymous dj elliott said...

I cut off a paragraph too soon in my quote:

"There are five Iraqi army divisions leading operations in their respective areas of the country, but that number is expected to increase to six by the end of next month, the statement said."

Sixth IA Division in lead in Sep. My guesstamate is 1st IA Div (alternate 2nd).

Anonymous JG said...

Victory by any definition is hitting the "J Curve" in Iraq!!!

Blogger Mike's America said...

I would suggest the following correction:

"I just don't get why Americans would WANT us to lose."

There ARE Americans who WANT us to lose. But their numbers are very, very small. They represent a vocal minority of persons so poisoned by hate and self-loathing that their judgement has become warped beyond reason.

Those who would want to see us lose are part of what I call the "peace fascists" who have lost the electoral battles where issues like war and peace are decided in democracies. But instead of accepting that the decision was taken differently from the way they would have liked, and joining with the majority to win, they continue to do everything to obstruct our efforts.

If we are to be succesful in winning this war, we must also win the political battles at home and marginalize and isolate those who undermine victory.

I hope that all of you serving overseas have done what you need to make sure you get your absentee ballots and have them returned well before the election.

We're closing in on two months before election day folks! Time is running out!


Blogger devildog6771 said...

Bandit check out this blog:


It is an amazingly sickening account of what the French think about us!

I am wondering if the French know what imnperialism means. If they do, then maybe need to look closer at home. Since it is a foreign blog I don't know if it is what you want! I do have another in mind. Just got to find his email he sent me.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

We are not losing but we sure have had a hard time of it of late.
Stay safe...

Blogger Louise said...

Bandit, I think this is one of your best posts to date.

Too bad no one took up your challenge. I guess they must realize they would lose.

And, hey, when did the Wiz appear on your masthead? He looks kind of cute up there and he surely deserves such an honoured position.

Blogger bandit.three.six said...

Actually, The Wiz saw that I was taking a picture of the Abrams rolling by and jumped in the picture at the last minute. I almost yelled at him for ruining the picture, but how can anyone be mad at The Wiz? Look at that little poonum.

*pinky to corner of the mouth*

I made the new banner and submitted it to Milblogging.com and JP put it into the rotation of blog banners at the top of each page on that site.


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