31 August 2006

B36 News - 31 August 2006

After four days and more than 2800 hits, the challenge has been answered.
Interesting challenge.
I think we are losing the war in Iraq because the American people think we are losing or rather, that we cannot win. When the support erodes enough, we will lose.
The similarity to Vietnam is interesting.

Logical, sensible, supported by my own claims in Winning in Iraq. It offers a broad perspective of the war in Iraq and shows that the war isn't only being fought on the ground in Iraq or in the hearts and minds of Iraqis (a fight that we're winning), but it's also being fought in the hearts and minds of the American public. This battle is one that we're losing.

There is definately more to come on this one. Stand by.

Giving Better Than They Got
You may have recently heard in the news about a battle between the Iraqi Army and the militia known as the Mahdi Army, or Jaysh al-Mahdi, that left 23 IA Soldiers dead. What you probably didn't hear was that the Mahdi Army lost at least 50 militiamen. As GEN Casey put it, the IA "gave much better than they got."

As we continue to take control of battlespace away from the militias you will see more stories like this one. Be sure to remember that we are choosing the time and place of this violence. Taking territory from the bad men will be violent, but it will lead to a lasting and just peace.

Marines Try to Save Innocent Iraqi Girl
Hadael Hamade suffers from the same hereditary kidney disease that has already claimed the lives of four of her siblings. Marines from the 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment first became aware of her condition several months ago during a routine patrol where she and her father, Ahmed, a 46 year old school teacher, befriended LCPL Aaron Simons.

A few days before his death, LCPL Simons promised to do what he could to help Hadael get the treatment she needed to survive.
“I remember the young Marine and how he was interested in getting help for my family,” said Ahmed. “I am very sorry for his death. Without him I would have never gotten help for my daughter.”
ISF Doctors Aid Iraqis
A couple days ago I posted a story about a South Korean hospital that offered free medical care to local Iraqis. In that story I talked about how the South Korean doctors aren't only treating patients, but they're also training local doctors so that they can continue to provide the same level of service once we pull out.

These Iraqi doctors make housecalls:
BAGHDAD – Soldiers from the 1st Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, along with Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, attached to 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad, provided medical treatment to residents of Ghazaliya during Operation Ghazaliya Aid Saturday.

The medical operation in the Baghdad neighborhood attracted nearly 200 residents, who were treated for a variety of medical conditions.

“The medical operation was a great event that helped a lot of people in Ghazaliya,” said Capt. Robert Callaghan, of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Bn., 23rd Inf. Regt. “It showed what could be accomplished by the neighborhood council, Iraqi police and the National police, when they work together in the best interest of the people.”

Iraqi army medical personnel, supported by MND-B Soldiers, treated each person who waited in line and referred future medical concerns to the Ghazaliya Primary Care Clinic, which recently reopened in the neighborhood.

Along with medical aid, the Iraqi Security Forces and MND-B Soldiers worked to build support and cooperation with the local population. Sgt. 1st Class Cesar Valdez, HHC, was among the MND-B Soldiers who worked with the ISF as Ghazaliya residents waited to receive medical care.

“The Iraqi Security Forces were instrumental in managing the long line of residents who showed up to take advantage of this opportunity,” said Valdez.
(Story by Capt. Robert Callaghan, 2nd BCT PAO, 1st Arm. Div.)


$20mil for B36 News?
Well, almost. MNF-I has put out a $20 million statement of work for somene who can...
"...ensure current and thorough understanding of our communication environment, develop communication strategies and tactics, identify opportunities, and execute events to pursue the strategic engagement of our strategic audiences, to effectively communicate Iraqi government and Coalition’s goals, and build support among our strategic audiences in achieving those goals."
(read the whole statement of work - .doc format)
So you see, winning the battle for the hearts and minds of "strategic audiences" (psst, that's you America) is quickly becoming a military priority.


Anonymous dj elliott said...

That is why Propaganda (or Information) Ministry is a senior level position in all dictatorships...
We hurt our own position badly by not effectively fighting at that level.

Anonymous Solo said...

Maybe the MSM would do better to report less on insurgent attacks and more on the possible effects on Iraq, America, and the M.E. if we did pull out now.


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