31 August 2006

Commander in Chief on the War in Iraq

President Bush will be holding a press conference in a couple hours addressing the war in Iraq. You can bet that yours truly will be watching.

Check back for updates after the conference!

"The United States of America will not leave until victory is achieved."
These words were spoken today by President Bush. Let's follow this statement to its logical end:
  1. We're winning the war in Iraq.
  2. As long as we don't quit, we'll win.
  3. When we win, we go home.
Winning AND going home, sounds good to me!

The President also said that he will be giving more speeches over the next few days with the goal of showing the American people just how we are winning in Iraq. This is a mighty step forward in the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people, or what I like to call, the Second Front.

The battle in Iraq is being won. As long as we continue to move forward with our progress, it will end in victory. The biggest obstacle to winning now is the commitment of the American people, the Second Front.

The bad guys know this and they are doing their best to break the will of the American people. If the bad guys manage to convince enough Americans that victory isn't worth the sacrifice and those Americans convince the policy makers to tuck tail and run, then we will have lost.

Let's pause for a moment and think; what is the bad guy's best weapon on the Second Front? What are they using to convince Americans that it's not worth it? Do I even need to say it?

As long as you let us stay in Iraq, we will win. When we win, we will come home.


Blogger The Griper said...

with a big smile i just say "you have my vote, my fine friend. and the iraqis have already cast theirs in your favor also. the fight is on and victory is the prize."

Anonymous kelly said...

hi B36,
well i just got home from work at my regular job and have an hour before i have to go to my part time job and i log on and see MSNCB has a poll

Asking if people agree with the President that Bin Laden and others are just like the Nazi's, and of course here are the almost sickening resluts, you know that i am one of the 44%
but notice the idots in the 52% catagory, i come home at 11pm, i hope when i check it again, it will not be the same......

Yes. Bin Laden and others are the Hitlers and Stalins of our times.

Maybe. But I'm going to need some more convincing one way or the other.

No. This is just dishonest, warmongering designed to scare voters about national security in time for this fall's elections.

Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding.

Blogger Louise said...

re - sluts? Hehehehehe. Was that a typo, kelly, or did you mean it. I rings true in any case. I sure hope it isn't indicative of the general opinion of the silent majority.

Most people are too busy with the responsibilities of life to worry about reading blogs and participating in online polls. And yes, online polls are never a valid depiction of what the general public thinks because the people who answer them are not randomly chosen. Depending on he software used, all it would take is a few dedicated hardcore lefties to vote over and over and over.

Some online polls only allow one vote per IP address, but then it's quite easy to change your IP address or use another computer to vote more than once. So it means nothing.

However, just because this particular type of poll is never accurate doesn't tell us a thing about what an accurate poll would reveal.

Did you all see this. It confirms what you are telling us Bandit.

Anonymous Solo said...

It ain't easy. I've helped welcome some home, helped lay some to rest. The question has been asked many times, is it worth the cost? A better question is, would it be worth the cost to quit? Our enemies don't believe in reconstruction, only destruction.

Anonymous kelly said...

hi louise,
thanks for the link, yep that was a typo, but sometimes maybe my fingers go where my mind is thinking.
thanks for the Good news B36 and Soldiers Dad!


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