26 August 2006


Mark and MarksMomma made it back to the states last week so that Mark could get introduced to the rest of his family.

MarksMomma continues to send me videos of my son. In the newest one, Mark meets the kitty.

It's still strange for me to watch these because I always think, "Wow, that's a cute kid!" Then I remember that it's mine and it takes me a minute or two to collect myself.


It's HOT!


Blogger The Griper said...

i hope you never lose that feeling for it is the feeling of fatherhood. tis he that gives your life all the more meaning. tis he that gives what you are doing over there in iraq a whole new purpose of life.

for it is for him and every new born in iraq that you fight for so that they may grow up without the fear that exists now. so, if you ever feel low because of what you hear said of that war just think of him and all of those new borns like your friend's child who will never know the sacrifice he made for his own child.

for it is for them you fight and it is for them that people like us back your mission there. it is for them that victory is so important.

Anonymous yankeemom said...

What a great video! And what patience your cat has! And that lil precious of yours is getting cuter with every video.
Thanks for sharing your family!

Blogger andrea/pj's said...

thanks mom and bandit!
the kittie seems to love
playing footsie with

Blogger bg said...


your baby is absolutely precious!! :)

thanks for sharing.. :+:

(((hugs))) 'n' luv, patricia..


Anonymous Anna said...


And I'd have to ditto the griper's very moving comments!

Keep your head down and stay safe!

Anonymous Solo said...

The cat seems to figure Mark is pretty handy to have around when a tummy massage is needed. : )


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