12 August 2006


Yes, I remembered. During the last "Ask A Troop Sunday", Marksmomma (a.k.a. my sweetie) suggested that I should dedicate one day a week to my family, and so it shall be.

During my travels over the last two weeks I took several pictures especially for my family. Some I'll post here, others I won't. Unfortunately, I won't be able to publish them right this minute as my camera is packed away.

On August 2nd, MarksMomma and I 'celebrated' our third anniversary. One of the nice things about being a commo guy is that I can almost always be reached (that doesn't translate to I can always reach out). Well, at about 2300 on the 2nd, my phone rings and the caller ID shows up that it's my sweetie calling. I answered the phone singing "Happy Anniversary" to the tune of Happy Birthday knowing full-well that she had intended to beat me to the punch. While I was unable to be there with my sweetie on our anniversary, I took some time during the day to take a few pictures of the Baghdad sunset to comemorate the day. Here are a couple:

(sunset over one of Saddam's Palaces)

(sunset over Baghdad)

Not only is my sweetie doing an amazing job raising our son by herself, but she's also keeping me happy sending pictures of the little guy. Here are a couple that I like best:

That's my boy!


Blogger Louise said...

He's so sweet. He's smiling at his momma.

Blogger andrea/pj's said...

u are one lucky guy buddy!:)
what a cuttie pie!!
happy delayed anv. u 2!:)
thanks for the photos too!

they should turn those
palace's into B&B'S someday..
i said that back in 2004,just
so u know,so if it does happen,
it was my idea,wink,wink..

glad u are okay bandit!
thanks for everything..
i do believe insanes man
trial starts next week about
the kurds,may he rot in
hell for this one!!!!!!!!!
and the damn press better
do a better job at this one
too!!!yes,i know,i can only
hope for that one,eh?

Anonymous Anna said...

Beautiful pictures! What a sweet baby boy!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben, praise God that you're back. Sure missed your blog. God bless you and Katie and Mark. Sitting on pins and needles about seeing "the real thing" soon. Three years of marriage! What a blessing in so many ways. All my love.


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