02 August 2006

The Wiz

Making his B36 debut, The Wiz hails from Germany where he was previously jailed in a Kinder chocolate egg. Luckily for him, I was able to free him from his chocolatey prison and restore him to his previous splendor. The Wiz now accompanys ... accompanies... goes with me when I travel and keeps me company.

(The Wiz)

(The Wiz takes up an observation position to provide security while I nap)

(The Wiz inspects combat damage on a wall)

(Always a dangereous fellow, The Wiz throws caution to the wind and crosses into a restricted area)

Unfortunately The Wiz didn't make it into these pictures, but I though they were good enough to be put up anyway.

(the Baghdad skyline at sunset)

(suburban Baghdad on an average day. Strange, no craters, smoke, or tanks in the streets... what could that possibly mean?)

(the Clocktower as viewed from a passing Blackhawk helo)


Anonymous Anna said...

The Wiz is awesome! And I'm sure he'll keep you safe since you saved him from that Chocolate "hell"!

Stay safe B36!

Blogger andrea/pj's said...

ooohhhh...i love the wiz!!!!
is he married?
thanks to u,i still
can have a sence of humor!
great photos!!!!!!
thank u!:)

Blogger Cop the Truth said...

Nobody beats the Wiz!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the wiz is cool, and such a brave guy, kind of like you!, thanks again to mark and marksmomma, and of course B36's momma, for sharing such a wonder6ful human being with the rest of us.

Anonymous RG said...

I believe The Wiz should have his own video. "The Wiz in Baghdad side by side with America's troops." What a theme that could be.

I can see it now. Special operation by troops on the ground, air force and Centcom.

You can do it Bandit!

Anonymous RG said...

What I meant by "Special Operations" being the one that rescued him. That would be the first episode. Other episodes would have him in action with you guys.

Blogger Mike's America said...

Sort of like the Roaming Gnome, only a Wiz.

Anonymous Solo said...

The Wiz is incredibly tough. No headgear! No body armor!No fear! Bandit, Your efforts in both service and blogging are much appreciated. Always looking forward to your words of WIZdom. Riding With Respect

Blogger Rob said...

I like that idea about The Wiz in your videos. Maybe make him a guest reporter that does on-scene segments. I bet he's not afraid to go to places your CNN/ABC/ETC reporters are afraid to go in a kevlar bus. *Ben Stiller voice* Do it. Do it.

Blogger MarksMomma said...

I like the Wiz! How is the Wiz getting along with Sgt Pengrouch? Don't forget that he was your first companion! =o) I love you! Your Wahfy +baby Mark

Anonymous Janet said...

Gee Wiz!!!! I am speechless! Which for many is very much in tune with the good news theme of you blog, Bandit!!

Many blessing!

Blogger MarksMomma said...

Hey all,
I am supposed to tell you from Bandit36 that he is safe and doing well, but currently has no access to computers that let him post on his blog. =o)
Bandit's Wife

Anonymous kelly said...

hi marksmomma, thanks for the update that b36 is just not able to post, i was getting a bit worried.

Blogger andrea/pj's said...

thanks for the update on
bandit..really appreciate it!!:)

Blogger Nikki said...

I had forgotten all about kinder eggs.

That's the best chocolate on the face of the earth!

I would spend hours playing with the toys with the neighborhood kids.


Anonymous Anna said...

Thanks Marksmomma...we were getting worried about him!

Blogger AubreyJ said...

Go Wiz!!!!
That's cool.......

Like the quiet photos of Baghdad too. What does it mean???

Stay safe and hope the baby is doing well...

(Sorry for the loss of your friend.)

Blogger devildog6771 said...

Thank you for the update momma. I still say the "Wiz" carries a close reasemblance to the Travelocity Gnome. So does that mean he is in deep cover at Travelocity looking for bad guys and good intel. Maybe he'll find Osama. Osama doesn't stand a chance against the :Wiz" and the Gnome!

Be safe B36. You too momma!

Blogger Justin said...

Wiz rocks. I cannot express the fond and fuzzy memories i have of kinder eggs. let's just say that they become amazing the later it is at night and other factors are involved, like friends...;) The Wiz is awesome.


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